Introduction Day Amsterdam

Introduction Day Amsterdam

One of the new students is Golnaz Faraji, originally from Iran. She and her husband have a sports medicine centre back home. She is a founder and manager of the centre, which provides the services of nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists and a consultancy. Around 5,000 members of the centre have access to the gym and they all get support provided by 33 employees. Golnaz decided to join the Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses Bachelor programme in order to write a new business plan for making her sports medicine centre more successful, and to learn how to promote her business.

Le Hoang Thinh and his girlfriend Tran Thi Bao Ngan, originally from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, are doing MBAs.  Thinh went to high school in California, US, and in 2008 he moved to Boston for his BSc in Economics with Northeastern University. After his graduation, he worked for two years in Singapore with Crown Asia Pacific Holdings, at which he was selling metal beer cans to most breweries in Asia.

In 2014, he returned to Vietnam for a long-term job as Manager of Export Markets of SABECO, the largest beer company in Vietnam. After many years of working in Vietnam, he felt in need of a change of scenery and a break from the hectic business environment in the country. He was thinking about an MBA to enrich his knowledge and overall business administration skills. He started researching programmes, and the Netherlands was his top choice, as he always wanted to experience living in Europe. He hopes that the MBA in Finance will help him to improve his skills and knowledge about the finance sector.

Ngan has been working in the Retail Banking industry for 5 years since she got her Bachelor in Business Management in California, USA. She speaks Vietnamese natively and English fluently. Learning Dutch is in her to-do list now.
On the question “Why Wittenborg and what do you expect?” Ngan answered simply: “I want to have my own business, but I also understand that I need more tools and techniques before launching my own “child'' in this competitive market. The best way to pursue my goals would be by gaining more knowledge and skills through an MBA. I realised that a new country and a new environment would be new challenges, but would help me learn and explore more. The Netherlands was the best match for me because of the cultural vibrancy.

"Wittenborg was the last university that accepted my application, but I decided to choose it because of the flexible entries. I highly value the course curriculum, as it matches my professional aspirations, and will, therefore, be beneficial to my future. Without any hesitation, I completed all the required documentation, packed my luggage and flew to Amsterdam in September 2019. I cannot describe my excitement when I first arrived in this country. My specialisation for the MBA at Wittenborg is Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I hope this journey will help me to fulfil my goals and achieve success in my future career.”

WUP 5/11/2019
By Iryna Bernatska
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