The Intricacies of Networking: Wittenborg CEO and Employees Attend Workmode Event

The Intricacies of Networking Wittenborg CEO and Employees Attend Workmode Event

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng Shares Top Networking Insights 

On 25 January, Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng shared her top networking tips during Hashtag Workmode's networking event at the Theater Orpheus in Apeldoorn. Over 60 participants, including employees from Wittenborg, attended the event to hear Feng, Mirjam Barendregt from the Orpheus Theatre, and Symone De Bruin from the Municipality of Apeldoorn discuss the age-old question in a panel discussion: 'What is your legacy?'

Following the opening remarks by Sunita Biharie from the Municipality of Apeldoorn, the panel, moderated by Mike van Woudenberg, the owner of Ultimate Workspace, engaged in a conversation about their career paths, the importance of local networking, and their commitment to the growth of women in Apeldoorn.

Later in the event, Stephanie Knoors, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Workmode, interviewed Sabine Koning, a Dutch food blogger, before attendees had time to network. Koning's top tips included listening to one's gut feeling when running a business and actively using and maintaining your network to create a positive ripple effect.

Looking forward to future Workmode networking events, Feng emphasised the significance of local networking. She highlighted its dual purpose: firstly, expanding contacts beyond immediate circles.

"Networking allows us to connect with people from all over the world, each bringing unique perspectives and backgrounds. This broadens our social circle."

Secondly, it expands possibilities.

"To achieve this, it's crucial to work on your personal pitch – consider how you dress, how you communicate, and always pose questions. For instance, it's important to ask questions during seminars or Q&A sessions. Even if you aren't given the microphone, you can formulate questions in your head. This approach makes it easier to engage with people during networking events." 

The Intricacies of Networking Wittenborg CEO and Employees Attend Workmode Event

Sinem Dosdogru, Senior Communications Manager at Wittenborg, also shared her perspective on the event's themes.

"The main themes discussed included the position of women, the responsibility women carry towards other women, emancipation, self-care, showing up for oneself, and not only focusing on personal success but also considering what can be shared and who might need help. We need to do it together."

Dosdogru particularly enjoyed hearing the stories behind powerful businesswomen, especially De Bruin, who shared her personal journey and ongoing self-improvement efforts. She also appreciated Barendregt's story about her father encouraging discussions during dinner to instil diverse perspectives in his daughters.

Amal Abi Orm, Wittenborg's Financial Administrator, found the event particularly interesting due to its focus on women in Apeldoorn.

"A key takeaway for me was Maggie's invaluable networking tips, which broadened my perspective on the future. The event also facilitated the opportunity to connect with diverse women from various fields and companies, significantly enhancing my knowledge and professional network."

About Hashtag Workmode

Hashtag Workmode, founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Emilie Sobels, is a women-focused workplace empowering ambitious women in the Netherlands. Expanding to six cities, including Apeldoorn, their mission is to elevate women, challenging gender stereotypes. They host 'The Self-Made Summit' annually, featuring panels with top businesswomen like Feng.  

WUP 08/02/2024

by Erene Roux  

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