International Students Travel around Europe on their Shengen Visa - the Dutch travel the world!

Wittenborg Students enjoying the holidays last summer (2013)- the Summer break officially starts next week! What are your holiday plans? For International students, one of the great things about studying in a European country like the Netherlands is the relative ease with which you can travel to a host of different countries which are part of the Schengen agreement (26 in total!). So it is no surprise that many international students at WUAS use their holiday time to travel as wide and far as possible in Europe. And, it seems, the Dutch students are no slackers either.

According to the Dutch central bureau for statistics (CBS) approximately two-thirds of students are likely to go on holiday this summer. After all, the new academic year only starts in the first week of September.

Of the 775 000 scholars and students older than 16 years more than 70% go away for a long holiday at least once a year. Some even do it twice!

Only about 3 out of 10 have no plans at all except to stay at home.

Of the whole Dutch population about 75% go at least once a year on holiday and even higher percentage (83%) of the highly educated who on average go 2,5 times per year for a break.

All good and well, but what does the CBS mean when they talk about a “longer vacation”?

Well, to qualify for bragging out your “luxuriously long holiday”, it means staying over at a place of accommodation outside your house for at least four consecutive nights. It doesn’t count if you were in hospital for four nights or longer or on a business trip.

Only spending a few nights away for purposes of leisure and relaxation is seen as a longer holiday. And no, staying at a friend’s house does not count either.

What will you be up to this summer? Let us know or share with us your holiday pictures via the Wittenborg Facebook page.

Now, like they say in Dutch: “Geniet van je vakantie.” Source:

WUP 14/7/2014

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by Anesca Smith