3 new IBA Bachelor specializations in Event Management, International Tourism and Sport Business & Management.

New IBA Bachelor specialization in International Event Management!From September 2015, students will be able to choose from 3 new specialisations in the IBA Bachelor programme. Event Management and Tourism are already offered at Master, in a joint programme with the University of Brighton, that leads to the UK Master of Science award. IBA Sport Business & Management will look at both the commercial aspects of sports events, however also lay the link between sport and health, and sport promoting health - an issue that insurance companies are increasingly interested in!

Wittenborg's Bachelor of International Business Administration is a unique programme concept that offers a BBA Bachelor pathway that starts broad, then becomes more specialized. It allows most students to decide their Bachelor specialisation in phase (year) 2 and results in fewer students drop out due to having chosen the wrong field of study, at least in terms of business and management! One of the current exceptions is the IBA Hospitality Management which is developing its own pathway, including two work placement periods instead of the normal single one in year 3.

Wittenborg’s British-style higher education in Holland, means that three of the new IBA specializations can allow students to do a University of Brighton top-up programmes and a double degree. All three programmes will also allow students direct entry into the Master of Science programmes - MSc International Event Management, International Tourism Management, International Hospitality Management.

Every IBA programmes has a set of core modules in the key areas of Management and Organizations, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Communication & information Management, Business Law, and Personal Development. Accompanying these modules, project weeks, work placement and the final project are the series of modules that a student follows within their own chosen Bachelor IBA specialisation.

The new IBA in Event Management will include Bachelor modules in areas such as:

The Event Industry, The Event Consumer Experience, Event Operations and Project Planning, Risk and Crisis Management in the International Events Industry, International Event Management Challenges, and Event Experience Design.

The new IBA in International Tourism will include Bachelor modules in areas such as:

The Travel and Tourism Industry, Impacts of Tourism, Resort and Designation Management, Tourism, Society and Culture, Tourism Management in Action, Transport, Travel and Mobility.. and Travelism: Contemporary Global Issues in Travel and Tourism

The new IBA in Sport Business & Management will include Bachelor modules in areas such as:

  • Sport Business Management
  • Sport Policy in Government and Business
  • Sport Consumers and B-to-B
  • Sport Economics & Society
  • Sport Business & Marketing
  • Strategic Change in Sport Business Management
  • International Sport Law & Regulations
  • Sports Events Design
  • Critical Issues in Sport and Leisure
  • Community Sport Development
  • Business Morality: Ethics and society
  • Sport Tourism
  • Sport in Healthcare Policy

WUP 01/12/2014