Honorary professorship for outgoing Mayor of Apeldoorn, Fred de Graaf


“So, I am going to teach!” exclaimed Mayor of Apeldoorn, Fred de Graaf with a big smile!

Yesterday evening, Burgermeester de Graaf was presented with an honorary professorship from WUAS during his farewell ceremony at the Apeldoorn City Hall. After 12 years as Mayor of Apeldoorn, Mr de  Graaf will take up a new important position as leader of the Senate in the Netherlands Parliament.  The ceremony was attended by many dignitaries including Prinses Margriet and husband prof.mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven, and the Canadian Ambassador who represents the strong ties between Apeldoorn and Canada. Speakers included the Mayor of Deventer, Mr Andries Heidema and Apeldoorn government councilor Mr Rob Metz. Wittenborg was represented by a select group of students and staff, who themselves represented more than 12 different countries!

Peter Birdsall and maggie Feng present Fred de Graaf with Honorary ProfessorshipThe honorary professorship, known in Dutch as an ‘erelectoraat’, was presented during the closing ceremony by Wittenborg board members Mrs Maggie Feng and Mr Peter Birdsall, and will focus on the field of public administration and corporate governance. It is intended that Mr de Graaf will work with Wittenborg in presenting an Apeldoorn symposium which will be organized for local, national and international companies, organisations and education institutes and will look at issues such as sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable leadership and corporate governance.