Head of Research Sings at Homeless Benefit Evening

Head of Research Sings at Homeless Benefit Evening

"Music Fuels my Science Career"

Wittenborg's Head of Research, Dr. Nicolet Theunissen,  is not only a scientist, but also an accomplished singer who regularly performs as one part of the piano-vocalist duo, Sound of Balance.  

The duo recently organised and performed at a benefit evening for young, homeless people in Apeldoorn, held at Artcafe Samsam. Along with two bands and several guest musicians it resulted in an entertaining evening. "The public loved it and a lot of money was raised for the homeless youngsters in Apeldoorn," said Theunissen.

"Music has always been a very important part of my life. When I graduated from high school, I had doubts about my further education. Would I study psychology or register for singing and composition at the conservatory? Both were not possible. I chose to study psychology, and pursue my musical development outside of study. I took singing and composition lessons, was part of jazz bands and alternative electronic pop bands and wrote my own songs.

"Although my career was primarily in science, music has remained an important part of my life. I am convinced that my creativity as a scientist is fueled by my musical activities. My advice to students: focus on what you want to be good at, work hard, but do not limit yourself. I recommend everyone to develop at least two talents for a full and rich life."

WUP 14/04/2019
by James Wittenborg
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