Guide to Turnitin

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Turinitin Plagiarism Software
All students will be required to submit their written reports/assignments/exams through the Turnitin plagiarism software, this is considered part of the formal submission requirements.

Turnitin is used by the school to detect cases of plagiarism. The software compares the writing used within any document to other sources, for example, websites on the Internet, journal articles, books, and other student work from other universities. Turnitin gives students the option to check the similarity score of their submission; they can then revise their work (if necessary) and re-upload the document before the deadline.

Acceptable similarity score for all Turnitin submissions is 20%
At Wittenborg, up to 20% similarity is acceptable for all submissions through Turnitin. Above 20% but no more than 30% similarity must be motivated/justified by the student to be accepted for assessment. The 20% similarity does not automatically imply the submission is plagiarism-free as there could also be cases of plagiarism with less than 20% similarity. The submission must be properly referenced as per the Harvard referencing style.

Here you can find Turnitin User Guides and Manuals on the Turnitin website.