Guest Lecturer Introduces Google My Business to Wittenborg Amsterdam Students

Guest Lecturer Introduces Google My Business to Wittenborg Amsterdam Students

MBA Student Mehdi Jangjou Conducts Group Activity

To introduce students to the Google My Business (GMB) platform and provide them with information on how to best use it, Wittenborg Amsterdam organised a workshop with data analyst, digital marketer and software engineer Mehdi Jangjou. Jangjou, who is pursuing an MBA degree in Data Analytics at Wittenborg, delivered a hybrid lecture to a group of 29 students in February this year.

During the activity, the guest lecturer explained why it is important for companies to have a GMB profile, which enables consumers to find them on the platform’s search engine as well as Google Maps. Jangjou also addressed topics such as how to create and manage a business account, ways to edit, update and verify profiles, how to interpret analytical data, and how to engage with customers by using dynamic content like posts, videos, photos and Q&A sections.

The session also included practical exercises and concluded with an online certification exam. Out of the 29 participants, 27 managed to pass the test and get officially certified by Google My Business.

According to Jangjou, being skilled at GMB is not only beneficial for professionals who want to increase their companies’ visibility, but also for those who would like to provide services to other businesses, such as managing their online profiles. “Getting certified is an opportunity to improve your CV and monetise your knowledge. When you take into account that 65% of companies do not have Google Business accounts, you see there is plenty of professional opportunities for consultants or freelancers,” he stressed.

The guest lecturer added that he was satisfied with the outcome of the workshop, describing the participants as engaged and enthusiastic.

Wittenborg’s Support Office & External Relations Coordinator Xiaoli Wu, who organised the activity, highlighted that Google My Business is an essential part of any business’ online presence and often the first place customers look for up-to-date information about companies. “We always seek to organise events that can help students with their career development, and it is really great when we can have other students as guest lecturers who are already experts in their field, as in the case of Mehdi,” she said.

WUP 28/3/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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