Get to know the Dutch

Dutch buddies system; Dutch students befriend international students!

This is a way in which international students can get to know the Dutch better, by mixing with people from Holland in their own age group. Wittenborg invites Dutch students to take on the role of 'buddy' for a small group of international students, and they will then help the international students integrate into society better, by showing them around, taking them out and about, and generally making them feel at home.



'Host' family system; Dutch families befriend international students!

The 'host' family system is similar to the 'buddy' however this is a chance for international students to discover more about the Dutch and their life at home. Dutch families are invited to 'befriend' a student, or a group of students, and socialize with them once or twice a month.


The two 'befriending' systems above are primarily aimed at new first year students and should be seen as an integral part of the first year programme. Students in later years of study have the choice of whether they wish to continue the use of this extremely educative and 'friendly' service.