Full Time or Dual

Wittenborg’s degree programmes are mainly Full Time programmes, however it is possible to follow one programme as a Dual Learning programme, which combines study and work.

The Full Time bachelor programmes are four year bachelor programmes of 240 credits. 1 credit is equivalent to an average of 28 hours study, which includes lessons, exams, tutoring, group work, reading and self study. The fast track option offers the programmes in three phases, which can be completed in a minimum of three years (80 credits per year).
Dual learning in the Netherlands takes higher education right back to its roots in the Guilds and Master Craftsmen, where study was situated in the workplace, and the teacher was your “Master”. In reality Dual Learning is the combination of work and study, allowing students who are working in suitable positions to compensate their learning in the classroom with learning on the job!
Wittenborg offers the opportunity of a Dual Learning programme to Entrepreneurs, as part of the BBA Entrepreneurship and SME Management specialisation. The programme is intense (content is the same as the full time varient, and equal to 240 credits) Study is combined with running your own company, and takes four full calendar years to complete. It is available in both English and Dutch.
The Postgraduate Programmes can be followed either as Full Time or Dual Learning programmes.
The Dual Learning programme is available at Wittenborg for students who are permanently resident in the Netherlands, and who are employed within a company or organization at a higher education level.