Former Apeldoorn Alderman Jeroen Joon Appointed as Acting Mayor of Harderwijk

Former Apeldoorn Alderman Jeroen Joon Appointed as Acting Mayor of Harderwijk

Wittenborg Wishes Luck to Friend and Contributor of Many Years

Since 5 September, former Apeldoorn alderman Jeroen Joon has been acting mayor of Harderwijk, a city with a population of 50,000 located approximately 30 km from Apeldoorn, also in the province of Gelderland.

Joon was appointed by the King's Commissioner in Gelderland, John Berends, following the departure of former mayor Harm-Jan van Schaik, who stepped down in order to transition to a position in elderly care. The former Apeldoorn alderman will serve as acting mayor for one year, after which period the municipality can decide to keep him in this position or choose another mayor.

With nearly 20 years of experience in public administration, Joon started his political career as a council member in the municipality of Overbetuwe. Subsequently, he served as alderman in the municipalities of Cuijk, Grave and Apeldoorn – having stayed for five years in the latter.

Joon comments that this is the first time he has served as mayor, adding that he feels honoured to have been appointed to this position. “It is a completely new role for me, and a great source of learning. As the mayor, you are the connection between the council and the aldermen, and you are also the main political reference for the community, being responsible for their welfare and public security. It is no longer about political parties; you are working on behalf of the whole of society, and you become a lot more visible. My goal, right now, is to do a good job and remain in this position.”

Having served as an alderman in Apeldoorn, Joon stresses that Wittenborg plays a significant role in the development of the city. “Wittenborg has many bright, entrepreneurial and dynamic students who help develop the city, and they also bring a vibrant atmosphere to Apeldoorn, especially because the school has students of more than 100 nationalities. So, Wittenborg has a really positive impact on Apeldoorn.”

According to Wittenborg’s CEO Maggie Feng, Harderwijk is very lucky to have Joon as its new mayor because he is a hard-working, honest and positive person and politician. Feng highlights that the former alderman greatly contributed to Wittenborg’s development over the past years.

“Jeroen has worked for the establishment of a strong business network in Apeldoorn and he also envisions bringing Apeldoorn to the next level as a true international and dynamic city. One of Wittenborg’s core values is internationalisation, which fits very well with his vision for the future of the city. We are grateful for his input, involvement and support for Wittenborg over the past years. And he is also a personal friend, so although it is a pity for Apeldoorn that Jeroen is leaving his position as alderman, I am very happy for him and wish him the best of success, because he deserves it,” she says.

WUP 9/10/2023
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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