a FIBAA Accreditation Auditing Panel return to Wittenborg for the new MBA


Wittenborg Bachelor of Business Administration Programmes are accredited by FIBAAAs part of accrediting a new Master program at WUAS, the i-MBA (International Master of Business Administration), current students and graduates of the university were recently interviewed by a panel of experts in quality assurance. Representatives from FIBAA - a European internationally-oriented agency for quality assurance and development in higher education who is currently reviewing the proposed Wittenborg MBA - visited Wittenborg on Friday.

The panel interviewed master and bachelor students on their experiences at Wittenborg - from teaching methods to academic and non-academic support as well as asking recommendations on how the student experience can be improved.

Wittenborg’s MBA will combine traditional MBA subjects with the opportunity for students to specialize in distinct pathways, such as Entrepreneurship, Hospitality or Consultancy. After getting the green light from FIBAA, other international accreditations, including the Dutch NVAO, will also be applied.

The programme is aimed at both international and local students who have worked or are working within an international context in the fields of management and administration, either in business or non-commercial organisations, and aspire to continue developing careers in these areas.

FIBAA Accreditation for WUAS IBA ProgrammesThe Wittenborg MBA degree programme will strive to provide graduates with the skills and competencies to fulfil management positions in the field of business administration, both in the public and private sector. These positions can include management or policy- making positions in  large organisations, as well as positions of management in small  to medium sized companies (SMEs).

An aim is to ensure students are able to critically analyse and evaluate various developments within an  organisation so  that they can form, create and instigate policies, visions and aims and solutions within that organisation. They should be in a position to analyse the strategic processes and vision of a company or organisation and, using this analysis. apply and implement tools to innovate, optimise and (re-)structure these processes using an integral approach.

From an international perspective the students should learn to analyse the environment they find themselves in and adapt their behaviour and role according to the macro and micro environments they find themselves in.

The MBA is expected to be launched in the 2014-2015 academic year, and as places are limited students are requested to register their interest on time.

WUP 25/04/2014

by Anesca Smith


See FIBAA Accreditation for more details: http://www.wittenborg.eu/fibaa-accreditation.htm