Exclusive Wittenborg online coaching workshop from executive coach Hamid Safaei

Exclusive Wittenborg online coaching workshop from executive coach Hamid Safaei

Hamid Safaei Coaches Wittenborg Students on Job Seeking in Online Workshop

Students of WUAS have received an online coaching workshop from executive coach Hamid Safaei for tips on how to write a successful CV, cover letter and the dos and don’ts of job-seeking in the Netherlands. The 90-minute coaching session was both attention grabbing and dynamic with numerous students participating from all over the globe.

Hamid Safaei, international best-selling author of "First-Class Leadership and Your Journey to Fulfilment", is a certified executive coach and senior management consultant with over 15 years’ experience at large corporates, FMCGs, financials, Big-4, and SMEs. During his session with Wittenborg’s students, Safei covered all-round tips starting from how to shoot for the right job vacancies to how students can prepare for interviews and negotiate remuneration packages.

Exclusive Wittenborg online coaching workshop from executive coach Hamid Safaei

From the outside
Students should remain consistent in their identities, and this also applies to their digital profiles. Strategise social media profiles, like LinkedIn, and update them regularly. It is highly advisable that students remain consistent about who they are and who they want to become. Human resources officers will go the extra mile in checking digital profiles.

Curriculum Vitae
Structure your sentences, watch out for typos and grammatical errors, and always try to answer keywords in the job description. Mention things you have done that are relevant to the work being offered. It is okay if students have not had the experience, but you should show that you have the right talent or an affinity with the industry.

Strategic searching
Don't apply for every job that comes along. The idea is to save energy to prepare applications that really matter, instead of shooting blanks at all job offers out there. It’s always a great idea to study the requirements to know what you will be doing, as well as getting to know the company. An additional tip is to get a traineeship - a good way to get into a company, and it is generally easier to be accepted on a traineeship.

Cover letter
A motivational letter is where applicants can shine with their unique qualities. However, remember not to make it too long or irrelevant. Again, refer to the keywords mentioned in the job description. Always try to address why you would want to work in that particular company, since you are most likely to be asked this question during the interview. End the letter by requesting an interview and give your details to close it.

Job interview
First and foremost is not to be late for the appointment. Reduce stress by conversing as if you are speaking to a friend to make the discussion flow more easily and naturally. Let the interviewer do most of the talking and thereby reduce your chances of making conversational mistakes. When salary is being discussed, try to let the interviewer make the offer where possible; what they come up with might be more than what you expected. Lastly, always look at the whole package instead of the money-value. It is also a good idea to request a development budget for improving yourself and benefitting the company.

WUP 7/7/2020
by Sylvia Effendi
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