EuroCHRIE 2015 - Dutch institutions, and especially Apeldoorn, well represented!


Esther Gitonga at EuroCHRIE 2015 in ManchesterDutch hospitality management programmes and Hotel Schools were well represented at the EuroCHRIE conference this year, held at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. The theme this year was "Experience" and many of the Key Note speeches and paper presentations were related to the theme of hospitality and tourism becoming an 'experiential' product.

Esther Gitonga at EuroCHRIE 2015 in Manchester

WUAS was represented by its executive chair, Peter Birdsall, and head of the School of Hospitality & Tourism, Esther Gitonga. They joined colleagues from the other Dutch institutes, such as Hotel School the Hague, Maastricht Hotel School, Stenden, Breda and Wittenborg's neighbours-to-be, Saxion, whose Hospitality Business School was represented. Saxion is building their new Hotel School campus directly next to Wittenborg's recently opened Spoorstraat location, on the north side of the Apeldoorn central railway station. During their informal meetings, Wittenborg and Saxion representatives talked about the benefits for themselves and Apeldoorn of the new "higher education area being developed there".

Wittenborg and Saxion meet at EuroCHRIE 2015 in ManchesterEuroCHRIE 2015 - Dutch institutions, and especially Apeldoorn, well represented!

The conference allowed for the presentation of over 100 carefully chosen papers, however was an excellent opportunity for educators to get together and network, to discuss partnerships and collaboration. Next year's EuroCHRIE conference will be held in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

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