EuroBA meetings in Eastbourne - over 140 students at 5 institutes in the programme


EuroBA meetings in Eastbourne - over 140 students at 5 institutes in the programmeWittenborg joined its partners from Germany, France and Spain at the University of Brighton's Eastbourne campus (School of Service Sector and Sport) this week for a meeting of the Steering Group of the so-called EuroBA programme, the Bachelor (Hons) International Hospitality Management, awarded by the University of Brighton.

The steering group is charged with overseeing, administering and evaluating the programme, which is taught at different levels in all the participating institutes. Students from Wittenborg can also gain the Wittenborg degree IBA in Hospitality Management on completion of all their EC credits counting for both programmes.

A unique characteristic of the programme is that the students study at three different institutes during their 3 years, having to get used to a different environment and a different approach to the curriculum at the institute they are studying.

At present there are over 140 students studying at various stages of the programme in all the institutes involved. Wittenborg currently has students in the first year at Apeldoorn, following the second year in Freiburg and completing the first semester of the final year at the University of Brighton. All students will return to their home institute to graduate for the final semester.

WUP 14/11/2015

by Wittenborg

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