Erasmus + funded project INFLUERA successfully accomplished

Erasmus + funded project INFLUERA successfully accomplished

Empowering Digital Entrepreneurs and Shaping the Future of Digital Influencing

The INFLUERA project (“Entrepreneurial Toolkit for the Digital Influencer’’ 2021-2-PL01-KA210-YOU-000049841) successfully concluded on 30 June last. We look back at some of the highlights of this innovative initiative that has sought to equip youth with emerging skills needed for success in the digital entrepreneurial sector since its commencement in March 2022.  

This EU Commission funded Erasmus+ project brought together Wittenborg alongside three other project partner institutions: Fundacja Eduvibes (Poland), Social Cooperative Enterprise Drosostalida (Greece), and Tum Engelliler Kultur Sanat Dayanisma ve Spor Dernegi (Turkey), to address the development of digital skills for the rising profession of digital influencing among individuals aged from 18 to 30 years. 

Erasmus + funded project INFLUERA successfully accomplished

The primary aim of the project was to promote digital literacy and entrepreneurship skills among young people. As a key theme of this objective, the project focused on developing a collection/e-library of digital influencers, showcasing successful individuals who have effectively promoted their enterprises through digital channels. This mapping aimed to inspire and educate young individuals about the diverse opportunities within the digital world.

The project also successfully created an innovative and accessible training kit that provides valuable information on social media, digital skills and how to effectively leverage these tools for personal branding, entrepreneurship and creating successful digital marketing campaigns. In addition to the training kit, the project recognised the importance of empowering mentors and trainers in the professional development of digital influencers by producing a comprehensive trainers’ handbook. This resource provides valuable insights and guidance for trainers and experts on how to cultivate and nurture the next generation of influencers. 

Erasmus + funded project INFLUERA successfully accomplished

Throughout its duration, the project achieved remarkable milestones that laid the foundation for an entrepreneurial ecosystem with an impact poised to be far-reaching and sustainable in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. During the project, partners and stakeholders were involved in a variety of research tasks, including surveys, interviews and data analysis, which yielded valuable insights into the nature of digital influencing, the outcomes of which are expected to contribute to the development of a skilled and socially responsible generation of digital entrepreneurs.  

Erasmus + funded project INFLUERA successfully accomplished

The training kit and handbook, being available on an open-access online platform, ensure that aspiring digital influencers from anywhere can freely access and benefit from the valuable resources. This accessibility fosters inclusivity and reaches a wider audience, contributing to the democratisation of digital entrepreneurship. Moreover, the virtual and physical partner meetings in Athens, Apeldoorn and the multiplier workshops provided an excellent opportunity for idea exchange, collaboration, strategic planning and networking, while the peer reviews ensured the quality and relevance of the research findings, enabling continuous improvement and adaptation to changing digital landscapes.

At the conclusion of this successful project, all partners look forward to embracing the sustainability of the project's results and anticipate a future where a new wave of socially responsible and skilled digital influencers will shape the digital landscape like never before. INFLUERA stands as testament to the potential of digital literacy and the possibilities it unlocks for the youth in an increasingly digitised world.

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WUP 24/9/2023
by Arman Toni
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