Dutch National Student Survey Prize Draw sees the Winner fly to Shanghai!


National Student Survey Prize Draw sees the Winner fly to Shanghai! National Student Survey Prize Draw sees the Winner fly to Shanghai!Apeldoorn’s Alderman responsible for education, Johan Kruithof, draws the prize for students who entered the lottery for those who had completed the National Student Survey, which closes on Sunday. The lucky winner, EuroBA student Desneige Kronenburg, won a flight ticket to Shanghai which she can use in Wittenborg’s May project week which will see a group of students fly off to spend a week at Wittenborg’s partner the Shanghai Business School. Alderman Kruithof opened the event with some words regarding the importance of the National Student Survey.

“I would like to welcome everyone at this special National Student Survey Event. The NSE is the largest national survey for students about education and it tells us what they think of their education, their teachers, the support, but also what they think of the city of Apeldoorn and its facilities. As the Councilor of Education I am curious about your opinion of the city and its facilities - especially since many of you only recently came to know Apeldoorn.”

“Apeldoorn is not generally known as a student city, in the classic sense, however there are many students. Research from 2012 shows that there are more than 3.200 students studying at a college or university and living in Apeldoorn which has a total population of 160.000, and around 7.000 students are studying on secondary vocational education at Aventus. Many of these students study in other cities but around 650 to 700 study in Apeldoorn at Wittenborg, Saxion and the Theological University”

“What do we know about them? The Centre for Young Entrepreneurs did a street survey in 2012 amongst students in Apeldoorn and asked them about their study, the city and its facilities. A number of students from Wittenborg also took part in this survey. Students indicated that Apeldoorn is a nice city to study in and have few worries about Apeldoorn not being a typical students city. There are plenty of shops, everything is within reach, the people are nice and there are a lot of jobs available.”

National Student Survey Prize Draw sees the Winner fly to Shanghai!“A major problem, however, is student housing - there is a lack of enough high-quality student housing in the city! I think it is important to solve this problem and together with Wittenborg we are working hard to resolve this problem. I can’t guarantee a solution, but we are working hard to arrange more student housing in Apeldoorn.”

“I am very much looking forward to the results of the National Student Survey, and I would like to hear the outcomes when they are published. I would like to sincerely congratulate Desneige, the winner of today’s prize draw and I hope she very much enjoys her trip to China with her fellow students, and brings back a nice experience to Apeldoorn!”

WUP 7/3/2014

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