Dual Vocational Education in China offering the win-win solution

Dual Vocational Education in China offering the win-win solutionGermany is helping to instigate vocational education in China, through the Dual Method which combines working and learning. Companies such as Bosch and Siemens involved in projects coordinated by the German Chamber of Commerce are enabling technicians to follow courses while working in manufacturing enterprises China.

China, just as the Netherlands, has a shortage of skilled technicians, and dual education can solve two problems - attracting young technically minded workers and at the same time teaching them the skills, knowledge and competences to work effectively in companies manufacturing technical products. Employee loyalty is increased through offering employees education that leads to recognized certificates.

According to the English language newspaper China Daily, graduates can obtain a technical certificate if they pass two exams that are designed for German dual system trainees. The German Chamber of Commerce in China issues the certificates which are recognized by all European manufacturers investing in China.

Although this dual education is aimed at lower and middle education, higher education dual system degrees are already taking place within MBA Programmes around the world and in Germany the dual system of learning is implemented in many state accredited bachelor degree Programmes, especially in vocational degrees such as the the IBA Bachelor degrees in Hospitality Management that allow direct entry into WUAS's top-up IBA or MSc degree programmes.

WUP 3/5/2013