Dr. Rauf Abdul, PhD, MSc, MBA

Dr. Rauf Abdul, PhD, MSc, MBA
Senior Lecturer / Head School of Business
Monday - Friday

Rauf holds a PhD in Human Resource Management from UT in addition to an MBA and MSc in Business. His main focus in research is on issues related to Human Resource Management (HRM). Currently he is interested in researching on HR competencies for future industries such as competency profiles required for smart industry (industry 4.0). He loves teaching and supervising graduate and post graduate students for their graduation assignment / final projects. He contributes actively to University’s HRM department in the screening and hiring process of academic staff for various schools of the university. He has developed and implemented various HR strategies and procedures for the HR function of the university. He has presented many research papers at several international conferences in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands. He is conversant with the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education system and is also part of different assessment panels for educational programmes and institutional accreditations assessments.


Rauf Abdul started his academic research pursuit in the field of business and management after completing his MBA. He always loves combing work and study. To fulfil his desire to achieve a scientific qualification from a well-reputed university he completed his PhD in the area of HRM. He was actively involved in HRM and business consultancy and with his family business before starting his current teaching and academic research career. He always tries to engage in professional business and consultancy activities in order to develop his lectures based on real-life cases for business & management students.
Along his way, he has developed innovative methods of teaching that reflect latest research in the area of management and business. He has been actively involved in the role of supporting students formally and informally as a study advisor. His research and educational contributions were an immense help in designing new programs and in building the institution’s profile. As part of his research, he developed some very valuable links outside the university, including, but not limited to universities, industrial, commercial, and public firms.

Expertise / Subjects
Entrepreneurship and SME Management
Supply Chain Managment
Human Resource Management
Research Methods
Project Management