Mats Carlbäck, PhD

Mats Carlbäck, PhD

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Mats Carlbäck, PhD, holds a PhD in Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law from the University of Gothenburg. Next to his appointment at Wittenborg, he is an assistant professor at the School of Culinary Art, Meal Science and Hospitality at Örebro University in Sweden. Previously, he has held managerial roles in Sweden and the UK and owned and managed several businesses within the hospitality industry.  

Mats’ research interests are managerial accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, business development and strategic development in a hospitality context. He has published in several prominent journals, published three books, presented at conferences all over the world and has received awards for his ground-breaking research. His main research theme is innovation, sustainability and diversity, primarily within the domains of hospitality management and sports management. Mats’ spheres of interest include managerial accounting, hospitality management, sustainability, experience accounting, and sustainable talent management. 

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Sustainable Talent Management