Discover why Amsterdam is a top destination for job seekers in Europe

Discover why Amsterdam is a top destination for job seekers in Europe

Wittenborg alumni share their perspectives on Amsterdam's dynamic job market

Amsterdam has emerged as a top-tier destination for job seekers across Europe, according to a recent study. The study, conducted by HR software company SenseHR, delves into the job markets of major European cities, ranking them based on job posting-to-job seeker ratios using data from Glassdoor's job postings and Statista's unemployment rates as of July 2023.

This analysis takes into account not only the number of job postings but also factors like average salary and cost of living, providing a holistic view of the employment landscape.

Challenging job markets across Europe

The report's findings reveal some of the toughest European cities for job seekers. Spain's Madrid tops the list, with 14 job seekers competing for every available position. It is closely followed by cities such as Helsinki, Rome, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Dublin and Paris, all presenting significant challenges for those seeking employment opportunities.

The appeal of Amsterdam

On the brighter side, Amsterdam and Luxembourg City stand out as the most favourable cities for job seekers. Both cities have a much lower job seeker-to-job opening ratio, indicating a higher likelihood of finding employment, with just 0.413 and 0.415 job seekers per job opening, respectively.

Rise of international graduates in the Netherlands

The report coincides with another significant trend—the increasing number of international students finding work in the Netherlands after graduation. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the number of international university graduates in the Netherlands has seen substantial growth since 2006. And while the percentage of international students who choose to remain in the Netherlands for employment had previously remained relatively stable at over 20%, the 2018/19 academic year saw a remarkable increase, with 32% of international graduates securing jobs in the Netherlands within one year of obtaining their diplomas.

Discover why Amsterdam is a top destination for job seekers in Europe

Vibrant landscape of Amsterdam's job market

In the vibrant landscape of Amsterdam's job market, numerous Wittenborg alumni are seizing the city's boundless opportunities. 

Samuel Akintola, a Finance Specialist and graduate of Wittenborg's Class of 2021, relocated to Amsterdam to explore new horizons. His decision was significantly influenced by the city's robust job market, where he saw ample potential. According to Akintola, Amsterdam has a unique appeal, reminiscent of his hometown, Lagos in Nigeria. However, he also noted the importance of being proficient in Dutch as a potential advantage for job seekers.

His advice to recent graduates eyeing Amsterdam is to believe in themselves:

"Never give up and consistently cultivate soft skills that enhance your ability to collaborate as a team player and become a well-liked professional."

Discover why Amsterdam is a top destination for job seekers in Europe

Eight years of thriving in Amsterdam

Mariana Góes is currently a Media Manager & Partnerships Lead, who graduated from Wittenborg in 2016. Initially planning to return to Brazil, she decided to explore job opportunities in Amsterdam during the 'search year' (known as the 'Zoekjaar' in Dutch). Remarkably, in less than a month, she secured a position in a Programmatic Trading Traineeship, working with renowned brands like Microsoft, Adidas and Mondelez. This career move was the beginning of an eight-year journey in the Netherlands.

For Góes, Amsterdam stands out as a city where graduates can work for major global brands, thanks to its numerous corporate headquarters. She sees marketing, creative, IT and supply chain roles as particularly attractive in Amsterdam, with consistent demand.

To fellow graduates, Góes advises learning at least the basics of Dutch to facilitate integration. She emphasises openness, respect and cultural awareness when collaborating with colleagues. As for her career path, she says, "I have an interest in further expanding my career in the city while enjoying my life here. I LOVE Amsterdam! But we never know what the future can bring."

Discover why Amsterdam is a top destination for job seekers in Europe

Amsterdam's multicultural marvel

External Relations Management Administrator at Wittenborg Kejsi Hoxha hails from Albania and graduated from Wittenborg in November 2022. Hoxha swiftly adapted to Amsterdam's culture and found the job market to be nothing short of amazing, offering opportunities across various fields.

Hoxha also highlighted Amsterdam's multiculturalism, where you can interact with people from all corners of the world:

"There are so many expats in Amsterdam. Every day you find yourself learning something different. Moreover, in Amsterdam, English is widely spoken. I have never encountered any language barrier here and I can communicate in English all the time."

In terms of sectors, Hoxha identified sales, customer success, business development, finance and logistics as particularly interesting to most students. She encourages recent graduates to explore the wealth of opportunities in the city.

WUP 16/11/2023
by Erene Roux
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