D66 Event on Sustainability at Wittenborg

D66 Event on Sustainability at Wittenborg

Wittenborg to Launch Book on Corporate Sustainability on 14 December

The challenges of transitioning to a more sustainable energy management model in the Netherlands as well as Europe was the theme of a D66 event hosted at WUAS in Apeldoorn this week.

About 30 participants attended, looking at European policy on matters of sustainability and how it plays out in reality on a local level, the limitations and the possibilities.

The event was opened by Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng. Also in attendance was Wittenborg’s Head of Research, Dr Nicolet Theunissen, and senior lecturer, Dr Teun Wolters, who recently co-authored a new book on corporate sustainability, which calls on businesses to ramp up their sustainable practices.

D66 Event on Sustainability at Wittenborg

Corporate Sustainability: The Next Steps Towards a Sustainable World will be launched on 14 December 2018 at Wittenborg Amsterdam. Theunissen, who is also an executive member of D66 Apeldoorn, introduced the book on Tuesday evening, inviting participants to the event.

The speakers included Mark Sandmann, D66 councilor in Apeldoorn tasked with sustainability, Raoul Boucke, member of the European Parliament for D66, and Marc van Gerrevink of Gerrevink BV representing Bedrijvenkring Apeldoorn.

Theunissen said one difficulty is how radically policies in different countries, even neighbouring countries like the Netherlands and Germany, can differ from each other - making a coherent effort in Europe a long, laborious affair. What was clear, however, is that cooperation between different levels of government – European, national and local – should be paramount in creating a circular economy.

“The goal was to create discussion and clarify the challenges as well as coming up with pragmatic solutions.”

WUP 02/11/2018

by Anesca Smith
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