Columbian Student Records Dutch Life on Instagram Blog

"Apeldoorn has a Lot of Hidden Treasures!" - Wittenborg International Student

What is expat life like for an international student in a Dutch city? If you want a blow-by-blow account, one idea is to follow Colombian student, Lauro Serrano, who records her explorations in an around Apeldoorn, the city where Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is located, via an Instagram blog @insta.apeldoorn. Here, she gives advice on the best places to eat, shop and the general Dutch way of living. She even met the mayor of Apeldoorn, Ton Heerts, recently!


Next to her studies - and running a total of 4 Instagram accounts, including one on make-up - Serrano also works 2 to 3 days a week at the 5-star Poppe Restaurant in Apeldoorn. What is her favourite spot to hang out in Apeldoorn? "Definitely Stadscaf Apeldoorn. They have a great menu."

What made her choose to study in the Netherlands? "This is a very international country and in the future I would like to work in the hospitality industry here." Has it lived up to her expectations? "Sometimes! One of the things that I love about the Netherlands is that it is very organised and the infrastructure is good. Also, it is generally a safe place and you can go out anytime you like." 

People who follow her blog are generally international students and classmates who want tips on what to do and where to go and eat. "Apeldoorn may be a small city, but there are many hidden treasures and of course it is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands."

WUP 8/3/2020
by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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