CEO Maggie Feng represents Wittenborg during International Women’s Week in Amsterdam.

International Women’s Week in Amsterdam

Wittenborg's very own CEO, Maggie Feng, was invited by WomenInTech to the “Sounding of the Gong” ceremony of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange held at Euronext in Amsterdam, in company with many other successful women in celebration of the International Women’s Week.

The gong used to be sounded every week day at 09:00 A.M. to signify the start of trading. Then, on March 4th the ‘Sounding of the Gong’ was brought back to life by the hostess of the gong ceremony and leader of WomenInTech who goes by the name of Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers along with all the invitees, including Maggie.  

Snezana said: “We want to mark the start of the International Women’s Week 2019 by taking a moment to reflect on the progress women have made in achieving equal human rights, equal opportunities and professional advancement… but also to celebrate women’s courageous acts that makes this week of recognition possible.”  

It is important to Snezana that this ceremony also raises awareness for women in top tech leadership positions to be noticed as equally beneficial to the economy.

With that in mind, Maggie is pleased to be a part of the ceremony: “For me, representing educators, standing next to these successful managers and entrepreneurs is an honour. Wittenborg is aiming to prepare international talent for employers and the job market. Tech has become the key to many industries and skilled men and women are needed for diverse functions in software companies, banks, industry, etc. WomenInTech not only represents the Tech industry but is also about diversity and equality.”

The success Maggie has brought to Wittenborg is undeniable in terms of diversity and equality, and she is proud to represent Wittenborg at the gong ceremony associated with WomenInTech.

WUP 05/03/2019
by Matthew Skelhorne
©Wittenborg University Press

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