Capgemini Innovation Day: A 'Must-Attend' Event Says Wittenborg CEO

Capgemini Innovation Day A 'Must-Attend' Event Says Wittenborg CEO

Capgemini Innovation Day: Focusing on Generative AI 

Maggie Feng, CEO of Wittenborg, enthusiastically shared her thoughts on the fifth annual Capgemini Innovation Day, labelling it a "must-attend event" in her schedule. 

On 27 October, the city of Utrecht hosted the much-anticipated Innovation Day by the renowned information technology services and consulting company, putting a significant spotlight on the future. With an engaging programme that featured keynote speakers and an array of breakout sessions and workshops, this year's Innovation Day offered a unique opportunity to delve into the latest developments in innovation and sustainability. 

Feng highlighted the impressive line-up of speakers, including Peter Hinssen, Robert H.P. Engels and Cara Antoine, the first female Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Capgemini.

Engels, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of AI (Artificial Intelligence) at Capgemini, echoed Feng's sentiments on LinkedIn, emphasising that the event prompted participants to critically assess their approach to technology. Engels posed the question: "New technology is here, but are we giving it the attention it deserves?" In a captivating demonstration of Generative AI's capabilities, he augmented an amputated guitar—compensating for missing strings—underscoring the transformative potential of this technology.

The event provided Feng with a unique opportunity to also meet Hinssen, a renowned author and innovation expert. She received a copy of his book, "The Phoenix and the Unicorn", deeming it a "must-read" for navigating entrepreneurship in the higher education sector. Feng strongly believes in the transformative power of innovation and sees Hinssen's book as a valuable resource.

Feng's experience at the Capgemini Innovation Day extended beyond books and speakers; it involved crucial discussions. She also engaged with Marijn Markus about potential collaboration possibilities and connected with Wittenborg students in the process.

Strategic insights into Generative AI

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead is crucial. One of Capgemini's reports, developed in collaboration with Everest Group, delves into the essence of Generative AI (also referred to as 'gen AI').  

With the rise of gen AI, organisations are urged to embrace best practices and champion ethical integration to navigate the dynamic landscape. This report strategically explores the value of gen AI, shedding light on potential pitfalls and offering targeted recommendations for prioritisation. For those seeking a roadmap to harness the transformative power of this groundbreaking technology, the insights within this report are invaluable.

WUP 22/11/2023
by Erene Roux
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Capgemini Innovation Day A 'Must-Attend' Event Says Wittenborg CEO
Capgemini Innovation Day A 'Must-Attend' Event Says Wittenborg CEO
Capgemini Innovation Day A 'Must-Attend' Event Says Wittenborg CEO