Call for Papers Submissions for Annual Globalisation Conference Open until 1 April

 Call for Papers Submissions for Annual Globalisation Conference Open until 1 April

Event Organised by Wittenborg to Take Place 14 -16 August in Apeldoorn

Wittenborg invites researchers, industry professionals, students and policy makers to submit papers and posters to the first edition of its Annual Globalisation Conference, taking place from 14 to 16 August in Apeldoorn. 

Submissions are open until 1 April, while registration as a participant is possible until 1 August (both forms are available on this link, at the bottom of the page). 

It must be stressed that the works submitted need to be aligned with one of the conference’s 10 key themes: 1) The Digital Revolution, 2) Global Trade and Economics, 3) Cultural Exchange in a Globalised World, 4) Migration Patterns, 5) Environmental Challenges, 6) Global Governance and Policy, 7) The Future of Work, 8) Ethics and Globalisation, 9) Global Health and Pandemics and 10) Education in a Globalised Era. 

The event’s website features detailed information on the guidelines for submitting posters and papers. It is worth noting that the conference accepts both theoretical/academic papers and industry/applied papers, including educational papers focused on describing innovative teaching methods, modules and curricula, or other topics related to education within the field of hospitality and tourism. 

Wittenborg president Peter Birdsall emphasised that the Annual Globalisation Conference will provide great opportunities for sharing knowledge and broadening participants’ professional and academic horizons. 

“In addition to providing high-quality education, Wittenborg aims to foster the development of insightful research and the dissemination of knowledge. We are very happy and proud to host the first edition of our Annual Globalisation Conference, centred on themes that are only increasing in importance as the 21st century moves forward. On top of that, we believe that events like this can put Apeldoorn in the spotlight, helping the city to become a centre for intellectual debates and discussions,” he said.

Comprehensive Programme

The Annual Globalisation Conference at Wittenborg is set to be a comprehensive, insightful and transformative event, offering a unique platform for exploring the complexities of globalisation. It aims to not only deepen understanding but also to inspire action and collaboration among various stakeholders towards a more connected, equitable and sustainable world. 

The event will feature a robust interdisciplinary dialogue, including panel sessions with renowned experts and keynote speeches delivered by thought leaders. 

There will be ample opportunities for networking, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals, establish professional relationships and collaborate on future projects. Moreover, cultural exchange sessions will celebrate the richness of diversity brought about by globalisation, including cultural performances, exhibitions and discussions on cultural identity and exchange.

WUP 8/1/2024

by Ulisses Sawczuk

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