Wittenborg at ICEF - A British Style of Education in the Netherlands!

Wittenborg at ICEF - A British Style of Education in the Netherlands!

British education in the Netherlands? It’s actually a mixture of the best of both worlds, at the 100% English speaking WUAS! Offering Bachelor programmes in areas such as economics, marketing, logistics and finance leading to Dutch degrees, accredited and recognized around the world, WUAS also offers a most unique pathway in its Bachelor of Hospitality Management. Students can either opt to stay in Holland to gain the Dutch degree or join the EuroBA and study in 3 different countries, including the UK for a semester, in order to receive a double degree (UK & NL) in International Hospitality Management.

WUAS first developed it's English taught Bachelor programmes in 2003, and since then has continued to develop all it's programmes exclusively in English. Since 2007, under partial British management, Wittenborg has ceased to offer any of its programmes in Dutch, and concentrates fully on English taught Bachelor and Master programmes.

During the past 20 years, the Netherlands has developed a tradition of English taught higher education, with more than 2000 English-taught Bachelor and Master programmes across more than 60 higher education institutes.

Wittenborg’s programmes are taught by an international mix of lecturers, representing more than 20 different countries, and include a large number of UK based lecturers, co-teaching on its jointly provided Master of Science degrees.

The Bachelor programmes are accredited by both the Dutch and Flanders NVAO, and the German – Austrian – Swiss accreditation agency FIBAA. These are 240 credit Bachelor Honours degrees, that can be followed in the traditional 4 years, or the 3 year track, which most students choose.

Wittenborg promotes the use of research literature and the writing of essays and papers from the outset, allowing individuals to excel whilst also working in groups. The institute combines this British approach to its education with the more exam-based style common to European higher education institutions.

The same approach is used in its MBA programme that has recently been accredited by FIBAA. The MBA is fully taught in English and lasts 1 year with an additional 3 to 6 months required to complete the final research project.

Since 2007, Wittenborg has worked closely with the University of Brighton, mainly with the School of Service Management and Sport, based in the town of Eastbourne. The partnership has developed from what was initially a possibility for students to do their final year in the UK, to Wittenborg fully offering dual-taught Master of Science programmes in Apeldoorn, and developing joint research projects with its counterparts in the UK.

A unique opportunity is offered to Bachelor students who are looking for a double degree pathway, gaining a Dutch Degree together a British degree from the University of Brighton. Business students from various different programmes can opt to spend their final year in the UK following Bachelor degrees in Retail Management, Tourism, Event Management, or Hospitality Management, before returning to the Netherlands to defend their dissertation at Wittenborg for their double degree.

Another opportunity is the exclusive EuroBA programme, a Bachelor of International Hospitality Degree that has been developed by Wittenborg with the University of Brighton and it's partner schools in Germany, France and Spain. Students enter the programme for the first year in Wittenborg, then follow the second year modules at a partner hotel school  in either Germany, France or Spain, before completing their degree with a semester in the UK and the final dissertation phase back at Wittenborg in Apeldoorn, in order to receive the full double UK /NL award.

WUAS currently offers three Master of Science awards, joint-taught British degrees, in Hospitality Management, Tourism and International  Event Management. The programmes last for one year and are fully delivered in the Netherlands at the Apeldoorn Campus. Modules are all jointly taught by lecturers from WUAS and the University of Brighton, using the same British curriculum and standards. Successful students are awarded a UK MSc degree and a WUAS PGDip (Postgraduate Diploma).

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