Block 3 start at Wittenborg, St Nicholas and Christmas

Block 3 of the 2012 - 2013 academic year starts tomorrow, even though it only seems like yesterday that we started the new study year in september! December is a busy month, with the Dutch version of the European tradition to celebrate the birthdate of St Nickolas, with children receiving gifts around the date of his birthday, 6 December. Of course, the English version of St Nick is celebrated at the time of the Christian festival of Christmas (25th December, when Father Christmas / St Nick visits the children). Wittenborg will actually be closed for a whole week (!) during that period, due to an agreement to shut the building with Aventus College, bringing a welcome break to students and staff of the studies of Block 3.

Starting studies at Wittenborg in Block 3 are 8 students, who will join the current IBA and Bachelor Foundation Classes. This is made possible by a unique 6 start per year programme, that allows students to join classes at different levels and different times during the year. This is especially favorable for students whose high school or University graduation is later or delayed, but also for students who have spent time working between their studies.

Entering a programme in December means that if a student follows the course as planned, that they will also graduate in December. This month will see at least three Wittenborg graduates receive their degrees.

6 starts a year means that students are entering and leaving the Bachelor and Foundation programmes throughout the year, however the main entry times are September and February. In the Netherlands, a February start date is becoming more and more popular at Universities of Applied Sciences, and can be seen as the largest second intake.

To join programmes in February, students should be submitting their application documents around this time, in order to be processed in time for the start on Monday February 11th 2013. Of course, at WUAS, any delay just means that you have to start in April! (or May, September, October, December, etc)

WUP 01/12/12

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