Big Bucket List for New Student Representatives 

Big Task Ahead for Wittenborg's New Student Representatives

As 2019 commences, so has the year-long mandate of WUAS’ 15 new student representatives who were elected towards the end of last year after pitching to fellow students.

The body consists of both students from Apeldoorn and Amsterdam. The bachelor's degree representatives will be led Matthew Skelhorne, and the master's representatives by Sonia Rahman. 

The role of the student representative is twofold: Firstly, to represent students overall in areas such as student experience, teaching quality, learning facilities and tools, university facilities and student accommodation, as well as non-curricula activities. Secondly, they will be part of the programme committees evaluating the content of programmes, the teaching thereof and evaluating the outcomes of programmes. 

The new student representatives are:

Matthew Skelhorne

Matthew Skelhorne: Canadian student Matthew Skelhorne is doing an IBA in Marketing & Communication at Wittenborg's Apeldoorn campus. "I found the idea of being a student representative interesting because I would like to be involved with Wittenborg's future decisions and aspirations. Student representatives have the opportunity to implement ideas and improve students attitude towards Wittenborg instead of just speculating." He describes himself as persevering, reliable, adaptable, well-spoken and open to change and new ideas.

Sonia Rahman

Sonia Rahman: She is an MBA student and told fellow students that as their representative she would like to help them solve their problems. "Even if I can't solve them, I might be able to help." She said she would be honoured "to be your voice. It is not about 'I', it is about 'we'."

Bertha Tanaem

Bertha Tanaem: "Student voices need to be heard to improve our study experience and eventually to achieve our goals at Wittenborg. That is the reason why I want to be a student representative," says Indonesian student Bertha Tanaem, who is doing an IBA in Logistics & International Trade.  "In the 2.5 years already spent at Wittenborg I have established quite a network among fellow students, which can be valuable as a student representative. I consider myself as an active student who would like to help other students within my capacity."


Shivam Kumar

Shivam Kumar: Indian student Shivam Kumar, who is doing an IBA in Marketing & Communication, believes his experience about service and product will come in handy as a student representative. "You should always be patient and observe the issue with a critical viewpoint. From a business perspective the student is the costumer. As long they are satisfied they will say good things about the school, so people will have more a positive vibe."

Mostfavour Onuigbo

Mostfavour Onuigbo: Hospitality IBA student Mostfavour Onuigbo from Nigeria thanked students for electing him. "I would like to be a student representative because I noticed that sometimes students are not represented well in the overall school affairs. They need a voice and need to be involved in issues that affect the school. In my previous studies I had a similar role and look forward to being a good representative of the students."

Maike Nuyken

Maike Nuyken: German student Maike Nuyken is doing an MBA in Hospitality Management after achieving the highest pass rate ever for a bachelor's degree student at Wittenborg in 2015. "I wanted to be a student representative in order to help uphold and improve the study experience at Wittenborg. I am keen on ensuring that all students receive high-quality, reliable education and can enjoy a nice study environment at the university."

Wenting Wang

Wenting Wang: She is a Chinese student doing an IBA in Marketing & Communication at Wittenborg Apeldoorn. "As a student representative I would like to use the opportunity to speak on behalf of Chinese students who are studying at Wittenborg in considerable numbers. I consider myself as a different Chinese, I would like to make an impression and I am comfortable speaking in front of people.  As a third-year student, I am familiar with the Dutch teaching system. I am experienced and I think I have vision for the whole picture that will help me to stay objective."

Oladapo Oluwafisayo Olajide

Oladapo Oluwafisayo Olajide: He is from Nigeria and doing an MBA in Finance at Wittenborg after arriving in December. "One of the first things I would like to address is the student accommodation in Amsterdam, and am already in negotiation with the owner of the building where I found the studio I am staying in now." This is Oladapu's first time in Europe. During his first week, he managed to find accommodation and be one of the volunteers at the Tech Job Fair at the Amsterdam campus to show his interest in improving students' experience and their involvement in school activities.



Ceren Torungullari

Ceren Torungullari: She is Dutch (with Turkish roots) and doing a Bachelor in Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA) at Wittenborg Amsterdam. "I decided last year that we as students can bring about certain changes. I am grateful for everything that has been done so far.  At the same time our students have some complaints and I am ready to be their voice and help improve what I can."

Tylen Stevens

Tylen Stevens: American student Tylen Stevens is also doing a Bachelor in Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA) at Wittenborg Amsterdam. "I would like to improve the first experience of students coming to the Netherlands, particularly to our campus." He has seen some progress since he joined Wittenborg, but believes there is still room for improvement. "I would like to make new students feel at home and to have more family-oriented activities."

Supun Piumantha

Supun Piumantha: Sri Lankan student Supun Piumantha says he wanted to be a student representative to contribute and improve the quality of education at Wittenborg, while at the same time building his own leadership skills and personality. "There is always room for improvement. I believe empathy and understanding are some of the qualities required for this job."

Alp Arda Yalman

Alp Arda Yalman: He is a Turkish student who is doing his Bachelor in Entrepreneurial Business Administration. He joined Wittenborg Amsterdam in October 2018. He sees himself as a creative person. "I would like to bring a bit of creativity to Wittenborg as well." He creates his own animations (one of which was presented during his pitch to fellow students) and also enjoys drawing and photography.

Gauhar Kassymbek

Gauhar Kassymbek: She is from Kazakhstan and is doing an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Wittenborg Amsterdam. Gauhar is one of the most experienced students at Wittenborg. "I have a positive attitude towards life and prefer to focus on the end solution, not the process. I will be very happy to help my fellow students and make their lives here better."

Pohal Nopani

Pohal Nopani: "I have been a student representative in my previous university and that has been a great experience. I even received an award for the same," says MSc student Pohal Nopani. "I believe it is an amazing learning experience where you bridge the integral gap between the administration and the students. It is in essence doing something both for your peers and university alike, and I think a driving force to hone your interpersonal and other soft skills."

Jaii Suresh Joshi

Jaii Suresh Joshi:  As student representative, Indian IBA student Jaii Josh says he is looking forward to interacting with students from a range of different backgrounds. "I will try to be a great fit into this role as I love to steer the direction of society. I think this role will enable me to make strong, long-lasting friendships. There is a saying: 'Network defines Net worth'. I am truly inspired by this.

WUP 18/1/2018
James Wittenborg
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