Ben Birdsall Launches his new book Whiskey Burn

Launch of new book Whiskey Burn - author engages with the crowds at Whiskey Live Dublin, signing copies

Launch of new book Whiskey Burn - author engages with the crowds at Whiskey Live Dublin, signing copies.

Wittenborg's President, Peter Birdsall, reflects on a weekend in Dublin, promoting a new book on the distilleries of Ireland and the Irish Whiskey industry, written in the form of a narrative about the trip on a Vespa scooter  around the Island.

I was lucky enough to join my cousin, and Wittenborg’s writer Ben Birdsall, author of ‘Whiskey Burn’, a sequel to the earlier published ‘Whisky Burn’ as he premiered his new book at the annual event of ‘Whiskey Live Dublin’ this weekend.

The book has already met with astonishingly positive reactions and the limited number of copies available at the event were quickly snatched up. (We sold out on day 2!)

John Teeling

John Teeling

However not before Ben could hand over a few signed complimentary copies to Irish Whiskey business celebrities such as John Teeling, who is regarded as the father of the modern Irish Whiskey industry.

Teeling, a Harvard Business School Graduate, and a rebound businessman, specially came over to congratulate Ben on his achievement, is featured in his book highlighting his Great Northern Distillery. His son Stephan Teeling is also pictured in the book at his own distillery, Teeling.

The Whiskey Business

The Whiskey Business

The book is a narrative of Ben’s journey on a 25 year old Vespa scooter around the island of Ireland, during which he visited 22 distilleries, some of which are new start-up ventures. It has taken just over 18 months to complete, from his journey to publishing this month.

The surge of interest in Irish Whiskey has led to numerous new distilleries being started, by entrepreneurs and investors, many of whom are featured in the book, and whose stories add a wonderful entrepreneurial and business-case element, alongside the entertaining way of writing, and the additional insight into ‘Irish life’.

Starting a distillery is not for the faint-hearted though with stories of investments in equipment, building and logistics ranging from a mere 15 million start-up costs to well over 60 million. Considering that one has to wait at least 3 years before the product can even be sold, that’s a long deep business breath!

Where to buy?

Where to buy?

Whiskey Burn is published as a Limited Edition by WUAS Press, and available online at and costs 30 euro.

WUP 26/11/2018

by Peter Birdsall

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