FAQ about the DBA with Audencia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme for?

The DBA programme is suitable for working professionals who are looking for transition into senior management opportunities with the perspective of adding credibility to their profile to suit C-suite positions.

How is the DBA different from a PhD?

The DBA is an applied doctorate programme designed to develop business professionals who are skilled in researching practical business problems. The focus is on researching in a practical context, as opposed to the more abstract, theory-driven research development that is provided by a PhD. In that sense, DBA research is required to be applied and strategic, rendering the DBA distinctively different from a PhD.

What is the make-up of the class? 

The programme is delivered for an average cohort of 10 candidates. Each core course last 2-3 days depending on the subject area and candidates are expected to prepare for each course by reading the academic articles required by the faculty responsible for the course.

I am a full-time working professional. Can I still enrol?

The DBA programme is designed to fit into the schedules of full-time professionals. The courses are organised in blocks of seminars so that participants can continue their employment while pursuing the DBA degree.

When is the application deadline? When is the next intake?

Applications are received on an ongoing basis. The deadline to apply for the November 2023 intake is 1st October 2023, 12:00 CET.

Are non-EU citizens/residents also eligible to apply?

At this stage, the Audencia-Wittenborg DBA programme does not provide EU Visa sponsorship and is delivered to EU citizens and EU residence holders only.

In reviewing applications, what factors are considered?

Numerous factors are considered, and each application is reviewed based on accomplishments. As a minimum, in reviewing an application, management experience, educational and research background, content of the application materials, personal statement and the results of the personal interview are implemented in the decision process. 

I hold an MBA non-degree certificate without a bachelor’s. Can I still apply for the DBA programme?

As a partial eligibility requirement of the DBA programme, a bachelor's degree qualification is necessary.

How long is the duration of the DBA programme?

The Audencia-Wittenborg-DBA programme should be completed within three years, with a maximum of a one-year extension in extenuating circumstances as approved by the AUDENCIA DBA programme director. Should a student not complete the full programme, a Certificate of Participation is granted which includes a list with subjects/modules that have been achieved by the student.

Can credits from other programmes be transferred?

The cohort format of this intensive, research-oriented degree programme does not allow for transfer credit from other institutions.

What is the tuition structure? Can I pay the tuition fee in instalments?

The total tuition is € 32,000 which can be paid in the following instalments:

Year 1 € 11,000

Year 2 € 11,000

Year 3 € 10,000

Year 4 (extension for thesis submission) € 5,000

What costs other than tuition should I expect?

The tuition fee does not include personal expenses related to travel, housing and accommodation, meals during residency, or professional development conference and seminar expenses outside the syllabus. 

Is funding/scholarship available in the DBA programme?

Scholarships [up to 5,000 euros] may be available for candidates with exceptional professional profiles and/or research and publication experience at the discretion of a DBA advisor. Scholarship applications should be submitted in the form of an additional motivation letter with a supporting report which highlights the research, academic publication and professional experience of the applicant, demonstrating how their experience can contribute to their doctoral studies.