Amsterdam one of Europe's Top University Cities

Amsterdam one of Europe's Top University Cities

Students want a city that offers good education, combined with lots of fun on a budget

Amsterdam has just been named as one of the top European cities for full-time students by one of Europe’s leading think tanks, The Class of 2020.

The Dutch capital is ranked 4th in the newly released Best Student City ranking. Berlin sits comfortably at the top, followed by Munich and Lisbon, leaving popular cities like London and Barcelona behind.

Wittenborg set up a campus in Amsterdam 3 years ago and just moved into plush new premises in the Dali Building in the Arena Area. Vienna, where Wittenborg also has a campus, is ranked 7th.

Amsterdam one of Europe's Top University Cities

Despite a shortage of student accommodation, Amsterdam remains a city of choice for many students. “This much sought-after destination for millennials remains attractive, with superb city life, a strong start-up scene and great universities,” the research reports. However, it warns that Amsterdam’s position in the Top 5 might come under fire if housing shortages are not addressed.  

Researchers combined 35 indicators over six categories with an emphasis on study experience and affordability. They looked at factors such as university rankings, a city’s share of international students and English-taught programmes, start-up opportunities, affordability of housing, public transport and the cost of things like meals and drinks.

Amsterdam one of Europe's Top University Cities

“Yet, on average a student wants to receive good education and enjoy cities with great quality of life. Students seek places where calendars can be full of fun, while still living on a student budget. All of this wrapped in a tolerant and welcoming society. The Best Student City ranking shows that a great student experience is all about the mix, and only the university cities that understand this cocktail will be able to attract and retain the brightest mobile minds.”

WUP 18/9/2018

By James Wittenborg
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