Amazing international diversity within the ‘October Intake’ 2018

Amazing international diversity within the ‘October Intake’ 2018.

Amazing international diversity within the ‘October Intake’ 2018.

The ‘October’ intake at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences saw over 70 new students, representing 24 different nationalities, starting their bachelor’s and master’s programmes this year.

6 x entries every year at Wittenborg

Wittenborg has maintained a carousel intake in its BBA and MBA programmes since their conception in 2004, which means that there is rolling entry into what are described as ‘the highly modular curriculum’, allowing students to enter six times and graduate six times a year. In October, the joint MSc degrees (Hospitality, Tourism, Event Management, Sports Business) with the University of Brighton also start, making this time a busy time of year for admissions and student support staff!

International Mix

This week, students arrived from countries as diverse as India, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Guatemala, Russia, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Oman, China, Georgia, and the United Kingdom met their process tutors and academic supervisors and were given an introduction programme before starting their studies next week.

Wittenborg's international environment has been described by the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA as remarkable -  “The international composition of WUAS teaching and administrative staff as well as the international composition of WUAS student body are remarkable and have a clear impact on the university’s international profile and the quality of studies. Staff and students together create a truly international and intercultural atmosphere at WUAS, which benefits all University members.” (

“Start preparing your careers!”

The students were welcomed by Wittenborg’s CEO, Maggie Feng, who told them about their duty to succeed and the support they could expect. She encouraged the new group of students to integrate – enjoying each-others food for instance, making friends within other national groups. Feng said, ‘learn to shake hands like a Dutchman’ and impressed upon them to ‘make use of the events we organize to introduce you to the many companies in the Netherlands. You are starting your studies, but these days will fly past and soon you will be starting your careers’

WUP 20/10/2018

by James Wittenborg
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