Academic Advisory Panel Holds Annual Meeting to Discuss Strategic Perspectives

Academic Advisory Panel Holds Annual Meeting to Discuss Strategic Perspectives

Themes Addressed Include Implementation of DBA Programme by Wittenborg

With the goal of discussing important topics related to academic matters, Wittenborg’s International Academic Advisory Panel (IAAP) held its annual meeting on 10 February. The panel is composed of 11 distinguished faculty members coming from different countries and continents, many of them connected to relevant higher education organisations, such as AACSB

Conducted in Apeldoorn, the activity was also attended by various professionals who are part of Wittenborg’s staff (see list below). 

During the meeting, the group addressed such topics as strategic planning by the school, executive education and the integration of practice-oriented research into the institution’s research agenda, among others. 

One of the main points discussed was the development and implementation of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme by Wittenborg, including considerations such as accreditation standards, curriculum design, faculty support and market positioning. 

According to Head of Education Development and Quality Management Kriszta Kaspers, these discussions show that Wittenborg is actively considering the possibility of offering a DBA programme. However, the exact timing for its launch may depend on various factors, including institutional readiness, regulatory requirements and strategic priorities. 

“Offering its own DBA programme would attest to Wittenborg’s commitment to academic excellence and research innovation, as well as its drive to meet the needs of the global business community,” she highlighted. 

The discussion on executive education, in turn, touched on several key themes. These included the strategic positioning of executive education programmes, curriculum design and delivery methods, collaboration opportunities with other institutions, market research to identify demand and how to address the professional development needs of executives. Participants emphasised the importance of tailoring programmes to meet the evolving needs of professionals and leveraging partnerships to enhance programme quality and credibility in the market.

Academic Advisory Panel Holds Annual Meeting to Discuss Strategic Perspectives

Kaspers described the IAAP meeting as an intellectually stimulating and informative discussion around significant subjects for the future development of Wittenborg. “I believe that the yearly IAAP meetings have relevant impact on the future trajectory and reputation of Wittenborg. My participation and interest in Wittenborg’s success make me also feel motivated by the proactive approach taken at the meeting to address key areas such as academic planning, research initiatives and the educational programme development. I also feel energised by the school’s prospects for growth and innovation within the international education community,” she underlined.

IAAP composition and participants of the meeting

Currently, IAAP includes Timothy Mescon, Peter van der Sijde, Brigitte Nicoulaud, Beatrice van der Heijden, Nuran Acur, Léo-Paul Dana, Ed Vosselman, Petra de Weerd-Nederhof, Marina Dabic, Chris Pole and Ed Peelen. 

The meeting was also attended by Wittenborg’s members Peter Birdsall, Maggie Feng, Ad Kil, Rauf Abdul and Myra Qiu. Additionally, the activity was joined by special guests Ron Tuninga and Colin Mackenzie. 

WUP 27/02/2024

by Ulisses Sawczuk

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