32 Wittenborg Nationalities Represented at the London 2012 Olympics!

With the main Olympic Games in London now finished, the medal tables are complete, and many newspapers are looking at the standings in the medal table from different perspectives, such as results in relation to country size, GDP, etc. Wittenborg staff also decided to make its own London 2012 Olympic medal table based on which countries represented its staff, lecturers and students: the "Wittenborg 2012 Medal Table" is published below!

Wittenborg is a small business university, under British and Chinese Management, also with strong links to Switzerland and Austria. Its students and staff total around 200, and with 6 intakes of students a year, numbers and nationalities change throughout the year. The 200 people at Wittenborg are made up of around 50 nationalities, representing 5 continents. This is what makes WUAS so international and culturally diverse.

The tables below are based on student and staff nationalities, and dual citizenship according to the past 12 months, up to the September and October intake of 2012. Wittenborg students and staff saw 32 of their countries gain medals at the London Olympics. 18 Wittenborg nationalities were not represented, saving their glory for other sports such as cricket, football (soccer), skiing, and kabaddi!

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