Hans Kornmann's Open Lecture Offers Practical Insights for Career Success

Hans Kornmann's Open Lecture Offers Practical Insights for Career Success

Kornmann Shares Tips for Finding a Job and an Interview

In a recent open lecture at Wittenborg's Apeldoorn campus, Hans Kornmann, CEO of Divitel, delivered a compelling address that left attendees feeling inspired. The lecture, which took place on 15 February, was not theoretical but rather focused on providing practical insights and actionable advice for navigating the complexities of the modern job market.  

According to Vanessa de Oliveira Menezes, Associate Professor of Applied Sciences, who attended the lecture, Kornmann's talk was deeply motivational. "It was an informal talk where he introduced himself, and explained his path as an innovator and entrepreneur and the characteristics of an entrepreneur," said Menezes.  

She noted that Kornmann emphasised qualities such as curiosity, resilience and a commitment to innovation as essential for success in today's fast-paced world.  

He connected this with a range of topics, including lessons learned, strategy, the fourth industrial revolution, a bionic organisation — where human capital and technology are seamlessly integrated — as well as his job tips.  

 Hans Kornmann's Open Lecture Offers Practical Insights for Career Success

"He mentioned that as an entrepreneur or an employee, you always need to be updated and be aware that you need to change. He explained that these changes can be very unpredictable," de Oliveira Menezes explained further. To illustrate, Kornmann focused on how fast things changed since the Second World War, also referencing a clip of Charlie Chaplin as a factory worker in the film 'Modern Times' from 1936.  

Change is therefore the only constant factor in the universe, according to Kornmann.  

"His reference to 'Long Waves of Innovation' further highlighted the cyclical nature of technological advancements and their transformative impact on society and industry," de Oliveira Menezes said.  

These waves, spanning from the first wave of the Industrial Revolution to the present era of digitisation and clean technology, have shaped the trajectory of human progress.  

Navigating the job market

Kornmann later shared valuable insights and tips for navigating the job market. He emphasised the importance of becoming an 'X-shaped person', leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools while using common sense, and understanding market dynamics. An 'X-shaped person' is defined as having the "executive" skill shape, showcasing the ability to set strategy, lead people and motivate teams. According to some reports, Elon Musk, is an 'X-shaped' person.  

Kornmann also advised attendees to read annual year reports, websites and study market trends, while considering 'What is in it for them? Why me?'.  

"Conduct dry runs before job interviews. Shoot sharp [...] and be aware of culture. It can vary by company and region," he explained.  

His final advice was on finding fulfilment in one's career. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," he concluded, echoing the wisdom of Confucius.