Entry Visa - Procedure

Normal procedures will take 6 months starting from your local Dutch embassy or consulate. However, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences can help you to get an MVV more quickly, around 4 to 6 weeks, by applying for it in the Netherlands on your behalf. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will apply for your MVV according to our application procedure.

Remember: you may not, under any circumstances, collect an MVV in the Netherlands! Please do not purchase your flight ticket before you have actually gained your MVV from the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country (or the country in which you legally reside).

Administration fees for MVV

The fee has been included in your package fee, as well as the fee for residence permit application.


MVV will be valid for three months starting from the date on which the visa department authorised the embassy/consulate to issue the MVV to you. During these three months, you may make your trip to the Netherlands. Please note that the MVV is mostly only valid for one single entry. You need to report to the International Office of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences within 3 days of your arrival and Wittenborg will inform the local authority for you.