Strategic Board of Stedendriehoek Considers Region's Identity and Ambitions

Strategic Board of Stedendriehoek Considers Region's Identity and Ambitions

Wittenborg CEO and Stakeholders Discuss the Stedendriehoek's Branding

Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, was among the attendees at a meeting hosted by the Strategic Board of Region Steden3hoek, focused on shaping the future of Deventer, Lochem, Voorst, Epe, Brummen, Zutphen, Heerde and Apeldoorn, referred to as the Stedendriehoek region.  

The meeting aimed to address important questions about the region's identity, vision for the future, and shared ambitions, with the ultimate goal being threefold: What values fit the region? What is the vision of the region in 2050 and what is the ambition?

The meeting, held on 5 February, brought together key stakeholders, at Kruiskerk in Eerbeek, including Ton Heerts, the Strategic Board Chairman, and Alex van Hedel, Mayor of the Municipality of Brummen. The Strategic Board invited Erik Braun, Associate Professor of Marketing at Copenhagen and Erasmus University, to give a presentation on what he calls "regional thinking".  

Braun referenced an article from The Guardian, which highlights Denmark's efforts to rebrand part of Sweden as 'Greater Copenhagen' eight years ago. Braun said that "a region functions as a brand in shaping its image. This image can be influenced, and it is beneficial to manage a region as a brand."

For Feng, this was quite interesting. "Greater Copenhagen now extends to neighbouring areas of Sweden. It just shows that the region is a wider concept and one should not think that because we have the Ijssel River dividing up Apeldoorn, Deventer, and Zutphen, we cannot be a region."

The Director-Manager of Apeldoorn Partners, Claudi Groot Koerkamp, further discussed the ambition of the Stedendriehoek. On LinkedIn, Koerkamp later shared that the aim is to create a flourishing region.  

"Through optimal collaboration between the triple helix and delivering a clear message collectively, we aim to achieve our shared ambition. There is much yet to be determined, but we have taken the first step. Now, let's build on these initial discussions."

Koerkamp elaborated on the branding of the Stedendriehoek and its identity, ambition, and positioning, which revolves around capturing the essence of the region. This includes communicating a tailored narrative to each target audience within the region, highlighting unique qualities that resonate with them. Whether it's Deventer's authenticity, Zutphen's charm, or Apeldoorn's commitment to sustainability, each city contributes to the collective identity of the region.

In terms of ambition, the focus is on establishing a shared vision and fostering cooperation across sectors. With the Stedendriehoek as a connecting force, stakeholders aim to align interests for mutual benefit. Despite variations in readiness between cities, there is a unified belief in the potential of the region, leveraging its collective strengths to achieve common goals.

Attendees also had the opportunity to provide feedback on questions such as "What can the identity of the Stedendriehoek be?" and "What can the ambition of the Stedendriehoek be?" using Mentimeter, an app used to create presentations with real-time feedback.

Answers ranged from "innovative", "Good Work, Good Living", "Green", "Authentic" and "the safest and most sustainable centre of Western Europe".

Feng concluded by expressing her hope that the regional brand will soon be defined by innovative minds. Once that is settled, she emphasised the importance of promoting the brand collectively and standing behind it. 

WUP 12/03/2024

by Erene Roux

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Strategic Board of Stedendriehoek Considers Region's Identity and Ambitions
Strategic Board of Stedendriehoek Considers Region's Identity and Ambitions
Strategic Board of Stedendriehoek Considers Region's Identity and Ambitions