Research Centre

Research Centre
Maggie Feng, MSc

Maggie Feng MSc, has worked in the higher education industry for more than 10 years after graduating from Master of Science programme in Facility Management, from the University of Greenwich, UK. Maggie also holds a Bachelor in Information Services Management, completed in the Netherlands as well as Engineering Management from China. Maggie has management experience in many disciplines, including: marketing, sales, communication, event, HRM, Project Management, Information Management, student accommodation and facility management.

Dr Teun Wolters

Teun Wolters, PhD – ‘Since September 2011 I hold the position of applied research professor of Corporate Sustainability at Wittenborg University. This involves setting up research, lecturing, writing, supervision and course development. I continue to be interested in research in environmental and sustainability strategies; management consulting in international chains starting in developing countries; Executive Director of a Dutch NGO in these fields. Simultaneously, I have worked with Statistics Netherlands in the area of the measurement of the New Economy, and I was consultant with TNO and EIM.'

Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA

Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg University. Saskia combines practical experience with an academic background. She has a degree in Sociology and Business Administration. Additionally she obtained her PhD on the basis of research into ways of improving innovation and renewal within organizations. She has developed into an expert in the field of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Change management. Saskia combines her academic expertise with knowledge about and experience in management within SME’s and Multinationals like Philips and Sara Lee.

Esther Gitonga

Esther Gitonga, MSc. - After graduating with honors in Hospitality & Tourism management at Kenyatta University Esther came to the Netherlands to study at Wageningen University. Esther has a Master degree in leisure, tourism & environmental studies. She is currently preparing for her PhD at Wageningen University, in a joint suprevision with Wittenborg, in which she is exploring climate change adaptation options for marginalized tourism dependent communities in Africa. Esther is fascinated about travel.

Dr. Mirjam Leloux

Dr Mirjam Leloux started her career after a PhD in Pharmacy at Akzo Nobel Central Research. In 2005 she started Leloux Science & Business, a consultancy firm specialized in technology transfer. In this capacity, she is now working as a technology transfer consultant for universities, research institutes, SME’s and single inventors. Dr Leloux is also involved in research on technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Her current interests are on technology valuation, and criteria for successful technology transfer.

Marieke Timmer

Marieke Timmer, MA has worked in Hospitality education for over 5 years and has worked for several organisations related to tourism and project management for another 5 years. Marieke holds a Master degree in International Service Management from London Metropolitan University and Stenden University. She is running her own company called: Sleeping with the Locals, which is a booking website especially for locally owned hotels or resorts in developing countries.

Muhammad Ashfaq

Dr.Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA is highly motivated individual with the goal of empowering people by giving them right education and trainings in variety of disciplines to uplift their standard of living.

Harry Maatjes

Harry Maatjes graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in various companies, mainly in the field of environmental issues. Harry specialized in non-production management, like quality, business start-ups, licencies, after-sales service and finance. In 2003 he joined Wittenborg as a teacher in SME modules, finance and law. On occasion, he gives seminars on subjects of the professional aspects of modern business. From 2008 on he is a member of Wittenborg’s Trust with quality, finance and accreditation as fields of interest. Harry now owns a small company, which specializes in environmental issues, like odour reduction and elimination of pollution from factories, large kitchens and petrochemical industry.

Bas van Santen

Bas van Santen, MSc joined the research team of Wittenborg in 2014 to support the GREAT project. Bas has a lot knowledge of business and economics. He provide further support to project manager to streamline the flow of the project. Bas is available to help colleagues and loves to share his knowledge. In his free time he spends time with his friends and likes sports, Fitness, squash, running & skiing. When it comes to cars there is only one option: SAAB!

Bert Meeuwsen

Bert Meeuwsen, MBA Med - is born in the Netherlands has lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Bert has organization sciences research on: ‘Interventional preferences due to organization cultural differences of personnel within the Netherlands’ Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan’; ‘Perception positioning, and consultancy to management, of a school for secondary education in the Greater Rotterdam Area’; ‘Adult education as change intervention’, within implementation of enterprise resources planning system’ With his international experience he is educating Wittenborg students.

Gilbert Silvius

Dr.Gilbert Silvius  (1963) - is a ‘practitioner turned academic’, with extensive experience in management, consulting, research and education. He is professor at LOI University of Applied Sciences and senior research associate at the University of Johannesburg. Gilbert is considered an expert in project management and information management, and has published over a 100 academic papers and several books.

Kriszta Rostas

Kriszta Rostas - in 2015 she obtained her master diploma at Utrecht University in International Business and Economics on International Management track. In parallel with her master program, she has worked as project assistant and researcher at the lectureship of International Business at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. At wittenborg University she is conducting research for the education department.

Contact Position
Dr.Gilbert Silvius Senior lecturer
Bert Meeuwsen, MBA Med Lecturer
Kriszta Rostas, MSc Education Office Assistant / Intern researcher
Bas van Santen, MSc Junior Researcher
Dr.Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA Lecturer
Marieke Timmer, MA Lecturer Hospitality; Project Week Coordinator; Academic Tutor
Dr. Mirjam Leloux Researcher and Lecturer: IBA
Esther Gitonga Researcher and Lecturer: Head of the School of Hospitality
Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA Leading Researcher and Lecturer: Hospitality and IBA
Harry Maatjes Trustee, Financial and Quality Manager
Dr Teun Wolters, PhD Researcher, Lecturer: IBA, Hospitality
Maggie Feng, MSc CEO - Member of the Wittenborg University Executive