Lecturers at the School of Hospitality

Lecturers School of Hospitality
Drs. Ing Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP

Drs. Ing. Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP at Wittenborg University. Experienced Marketing Professional. Wide network and over 12 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and New Product Development. Professional in leading international marketing, sales and new product development teams. Certified Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). Examiner in the specialism Marketing & Sales for the Dutch Institute of Marketing (NIMA). Author of the book Product Management® (2008, 2012 second edition) from Pearson Education, with practical marketing management cases from Heineken BeerTender® and ReadSupport®.

Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA

Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg University. Saskia combines practical experience with an academic background. She has a degree in Sociology and Business Administration. Additionally she obtained her PhD on the basis of research into ways of improving innovation and renewal within organizations. She has developed into an expert in the field of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Change management. Saskia combines her academic expertise with knowledge about and experience in management within SME’s and Multinationals like Philips and Sara Lee.

Esther Gitonga

Esther Gitonga, MSc. - After graduating with honors in Hospitality & Tourism management at Kenyatta University Esther came to the Netherlands to study at Wageningen University. Esther has a Master degree in leisure, tourism & environmental studies. She is currently preparing for her PhD at Wageningen University, in a joint suprevision with Wittenborg, in which she is exploring climate change adaptation options for marginalized tourism dependent communities in Africa. Esther is fascinated about travel.

Dr. Alexander Bauer has many years of working experience in international sales and marketing and combines this practical experience with an academic background (PhD in International Business Management). In 2014 he decided to become a lecturer and brought his international Sales & Marketing and Management experience into the Wittenborg classroom. Besides being a lecturer Dr. Bauer is also involved in the Wittenborg Research Centre.

Marieke Timmer

Marieke Timmer, MA has worked in Hospitality education for over 5 years and has worked for several organisations related to tourism and project management for another 5 years. Marieke holds a Master degree in International Service Management from London Metropolitan University and Stenden University. She is running her own company called: Sleeping with the Locals, which is a booking website especially for locally owned hotels or resorts in developing countries.

Daniel O' Connell

Daniel O'Connell 'After in-house training and work-experience in Graphic Photography in the USA in the later part of the ‘70s, I returned to London and entered a 3-year course in Homeopathy. Following a number of years of private practice and an entrepreneurial project in natural foods, I returned to Dublin, Ireland in 1989/1990 and completed a Diploma in TEFL. Since arriving in Holland in 2002, I have been teaching English at Wittenborg.'

Contact Position
Marieke Timmer, MA marieke.timmer@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Hospitality; Project Week Coordinator; Academic Tutor
Dr. Alexander Bauer alexander.bauer@wittenborg.eu Business Developer and Lecturer: Hospitality, IBA
Esther Gitonga esther.gitonga@wittenborg.eu Researcher and Lecturer: Head of the School of Hospitality
Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA saskia.harkema@wittenborg.eu Leading Researcher and Lecturer: Hospitality and IBA
Drs. Ing Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP emiel.schiphorst@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA, Hospitality
Daniel O' Connell daniel.oconnell@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA, Hospitality