Lecturers at the School of Business

Lecturers School of Business
Dr. Alexander Bauer Wittenborg University Business Developer and Lecturer

Dr. Alexander Bauer has many years of working experience in international sales and marketing and combines this practical experience with an academic background (PhD in International Business Management). In 2014 he decided to become a lecturer and brought his international Sales & Marketing and Management experience into the Wittenborg classroom. Besides being a lecturer Dr. Bauer is also involved in the Wittenborg Research Centre.

Xiaonan Visch-Li

Xiaonan Visch-Li is originally from China, she is currently living in the Netherlands and works as a Chinese language and Chinese culture teacher in different educational organizations . After having gained the Master of Science in Pedagogy in Beijing, she moved to Europe to pursue her career. With her international personality she speaks and works in the Chinese, English and Dutch language. Besides her teaching job, she also works as a contact person for the educational exchange program’s between Chinese and Dutch educational partners.

George Bosire

George Bosire - A lecturer and researcher with expertise in finance, business process and other business courses. An excellent communicator, team player result driven and eager to facilitate career development realization to my students. A believer of goal oriented synergies drawn from the recognition of unique strengths of the organization pillars in operations to the overall mission and vision.

Dr. Rauf Abdul, PhD, MSc, MBA

Rauf holds a PhD in Human Resource Management from UT in addition to an MBA and MSc in Business. His main focus in research is on issues related to Human Resource Management (HRM). Currently he is interested in researching on HR competencies for future industries such as competency profiles required for smart industry (industry 4.0). He loves teaching and supervising graduate and post graduate students for their graduation assignment / final projects. He contributes actively to University’s HRM department in the screening and hiring process of academic staff for various schools of the university. He has developed and implemented various HR strategies and procedures for the HR function of the university. He has presented many research papers at several international conferences in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands. He is conversant with the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education system and is also part of different assessment panels for educational programmes and institutional accreditations assessments.

Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA

Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA joined Wittenborg University in 2010 where he has been lecturing to date. He currently gives lectures in the fields of Communications, Informatics, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. ' I started my career in 1991 working in marketing for the book publisher African University Press. I later worked for media company OPEN Communications in Nigeria. I have lecturered at Saxion University, helped start up marketing company JAA with three other partners and was involved in the personalization project of the ABNAMRO online banking system. In 2008 he left JAA to work as an analyst and researcher for Huisvolmuziek and in 2009 started his own company which specializes in marketing research and personalization.

Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Teun Wolters, PhD – ‘Since September 2011 I hold the position of applied research professor of Corporate Sustainability at Wittenborg University. This involves setting up research, lecturing, writing, supervision and course development. I continue to be interested in research in environmental and sustainability strategies; management consulting in international chains starting in developing countries; Executive Director of a Dutch NGO in these fields. Simultaneously, I have worked with Statistics Netherlands in the area of the measurement of the New Economy, and I was consultant with TNO and EIM.'

Ton Willems Wittenborg University Lecturer

Ton Willems - Educated at the Royal Military Academy (1964-1968) as technical officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Graduated the national Air Staff College in 1980, Joint Warfare course in the U.K. (1981), F-16 Technical Officers course (1985), Weapons System Management course in Germany (1986). Studied Management and Economics in Eindhoven and Public Administration at Leiden University.

Daniel O'Connell - Lecturer at Wittenborg University

Daniel O'Connell 'After in-house training and work-experience in Graphic Photography in the USA in the later part of the ‘70s, I returned to London and entered a 3-year course in Homeopathy. Following a number of years of private practice and an entrepreneurial project in natural foods, I returned to Dublin, Ireland in 1989/1990 and completed a Diploma in TEFL. Since arriving in Holland in 2002, I have been teaching English at Wittenborg.'

Bob Dyson

Bob Dyson graduated from The University of Manchester (UK) in Management Sciences. He subsequently attended the Small Business School in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
He has held several senior management and directors positions in international companies. He now works as a consultant with Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners where he advises companies and organisations on business strategy, organisation and (financial)planning. He is a part-time Snr. lecturer in management and organisation at Avans School of International Studies, Breda, The Netherlands. He also organises workshops in entrepreneurship for the University of Tilburg.

Marion de Roos

Marion de Roos - Teaches Dutch Language at Wittenborg University. She is a qualified teacher and she has worked among others as a teacher French at a secondary school. After a few years she got the opportunity to teach Dutch to foreign students and asylum seekers. Since she really liked this job she continued in this line of work.

Drs. Ing. Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP at Wittenborg University

Drs. Ing. Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP at Wittenborg University. Experienced Marketing Professional. Wide network and over 12 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and New Product Development. Professional in leading international marketing, sales and new product development teams. Certified Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). Examiner in the specialism Marketing & Sales for the Dutch Institute of Marketing (NIMA). Author of the book Product Management® (2008, 2012 second edition) from Pearson Education, with practical marketing management cases from Heineken BeerTender® and ReadSupport®.

Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA

Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg University. Saskia combines practical experience with an academic background. She has a degree in Sociology and Business Administration. Additionally she obtained her PhD on the basis of research into ways of improving innovation and renewal within organizations. She has developed into an expert in the field of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Change management. Saskia combines her academic expertise with knowledge about and experience in management within SME’s and Multinationals like Philips and Sara Lee.

Adrianne Jonquière-Breure

Adrianne Jonquière-Breure; With her expertise in workplace concepts, organisational change and circular economy she aims to help organisations in creating more effective, healthy and sustainable work environments. Where people and buildings come together, social and technical aspects meet. Therefore she has added her technical education with social studies on psychology of organisational change, leadership and facilitating creativity.

Muhammad Ashfaq

Muhammed Ashfaq is highly motivated individual with the goal of empowering people by giving them right education and trainings in variety of disciplines to uplift their standard of living.