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Lecturers - Teachers and Researchers at Wittenborg University
The majority of lecturers at Wittenborg at University have both industry and academic experience. Wittenborg is committed to increasing its academic research staff, combining study practice and research in order for students to have the best possible education experience. **_NOTE - Pages being updated at the moment _**
Dr. Mirjam Leloux

Dr Mirjam Leloux started her career after a PhD in Pharmacy at Akzo Nobel Central Research. In 2005 she started Leloux Science & Business, a consultancy firm specialized in technology transfer. In this capacity, she is now working as a technology transfer consultant for universities, research institutes, SME’s and single inventors. Dr Leloux is also involved in research on technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Her current interests are on technology valuation, and criteria for successful technology transfer.

Adrianne Jonquière-Breure

Adrianne Jonquière-Breure, MSc; With her expertise in workplace concepts, organisational change and circular economy she aims to help organisations in creating more effective, healthy and sustainable work environments. Where people and buildings come together, social and technical aspects meet. Therefore she has added her technical education with social studies on psychology of organisational change, leadership and facilitating creativity.

Dr. Alexander Bauer has many years of working experience in international sales and marketing and combines this practical experience with an academic background (PhD in International Business Management). In 2014 he decided to become a lecturer and brought his international Sales & Marketing and Management experience into the Wittenborg classroom. Besides being a lecturer Dr. Bauer is also involved in the Wittenborg Research Centre.

Marieke Timmer

Marieke Timmer, MA has worked in Hospitality education for over 5 years and has worked for several organisations related to tourism and project management for another 5 years. Marieke holds a Master degree in International Service Management from London Metropolitan University and Stenden University. She is running her own company called: Sleeping with the Locals, which is a booking website especially for locally owned hotels or resorts in developing countries.

Nishal Oemrawsingh

Nishal Oemrawsingh is born and raised in The Hague, the Netherlands and brought up as a first generation Surinamese-Indian with a mixed background of South American and Indian cultural influences. Entrepreneurship is a very important factor in his life as it is a way of expressing his inner self and therefore will always do so alongside teaching.

Dr. Rauf Abdul, PhD, MSc, MBA

Dr. Rauf Abdul, PhD, MSc, MBA holds a PhD in Human Resource Management from UT in addition to an MBA and MSc in Business. His main focus in research is on issues related to Human Resource Management (HRM). Currently he is interested in researching on HR competencies for future industries such as competency profiles required for smart industry (industry 4.0). He loves teaching and supervising graduate and post graduate students for their graduation assignment / final projects. He contributes actively to University’s HRM department in the screening and hiring process of academic staff for various schools of the university. He has developed and implemented various HR strategies and procedures for the HR function of the university. He has presented many research papers at several international conferences in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands. He is conversant with the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education system and is also part of different assessment panels for educational programmes and institutional accreditations assessments.

Lucy Omwoha

Lucy Omwoha, MsC is a Msc graduate in event management, with strong background in marketing, events and hospitality gained from Bachelor’s degree in IBMS (International Business Management-Netherlands) and Hospitality Management (Institute of Commercial Management-UK). She is ambitious with proven experience of working in multidisciplinary environments.

Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA

Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA joined Wittenborg University in 2010 where he has been lecturing to date. He currently gives lectures in the fields of Communications, Informatics, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. ' I started my career in 1991 working in marketing for the book publisher African University Press. I later worked for media company OPEN Communications in Nigeria. I have lecturered at Saxion University, helped start up marketing company JAA with three other partners and was involved in the personalization project of the ABNAMRO online banking system. In 2008 he left JAA to work as an analyst and researcher for Huisvolmuziek and in 2009 started his own company which specializes in marketing research and personalization.

Carol Tarr

Carol Tarr, She is born and raised in Chicago. She did extensive time travelling, studying and conducting research in East Asia (Japan and China) and Brazil. She has degrees from Wesleyan University, Harvard University and PhD Candidate (ABD) at University of Chicago where she studied History of Religions, specialized in Chinese, Japanese and Korean religious traditions and worked on issues related to hegemony, resistance and syncretism. She is an entrepreneur with spice business, chocolate and has a real estate background.

Dr Teun Wolters

Teun Wolters, PhD – ‘Since September 2011 I hold the position of applied research professor of Corporate Sustainability at Wittenborg University. This involves setting up research, lecturing, writing, supervision and course development. I continue to be interested in research in environmental and sustainability strategies; management consulting in international chains starting in developing countries; Executive Director of a Dutch NGO in these fields. Simultaneously, I have worked with Statistics Netherlands in the area of the measurement of the New Economy, and I was consultant with TNO and EIM.'

Lucinda Douglas

Lucinda Douglas - She is an inspirator. She loves the people aspect. She believes that if you inspire people, they are more than willing to “change”. Without inspiration and living examples, people are just not able to reach the next level. She is often hired in by companies to conduct Sales Symposia. Hired in by entrepreneurs and networks to speak on Yes You Can achieve your goals and she loves helping entrepreneurs with visibility.

Daniel O' Connell

Daniel O'Connell 'After in-house training and work-experience in Graphic Photography in the USA in the later part of the ‘70s, I returned to London and entered a 3-year course in Homeopathy. Following a number of years of private practice and an entrepreneurial project in natural foods, I returned to Dublin, Ireland in 1989/1990 and completed a Diploma in TEFL. Since arriving in Holland in 2002, I have been teaching English at Wittenborg.'

Bob Dyson

Bob Dyson graduated from The University of Manchester (UK) in Management Sciences. He subsequently attended the Small Business School in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
He has held several senior management and directors positions in international companies. He now works as a consultant with Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners where he advises companies and organisations on business strategy, organisation and (financial)planning. He is a part-time Snr. lecturer in management and organisation at Avans School of International Studies, Breda, The Netherlands. He also organises workshops in entrepreneurship for the University of Tilburg.

Drs. Ing Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP

Drs. Ing. Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP at Wittenborg University. Experienced Marketing Professional. Wide network and over 12 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and New Product Development. Professional in leading international marketing, sales and new product development teams. Certified Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). Examiner in the specialism Marketing & Sales for the Dutch Institute of Marketing (NIMA). Author of the book Product Management® (2008, 2012 second edition) from Pearson Education, with practical marketing management cases from Heineken BeerTender® and ReadSupport®.

Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA

Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg University. Saskia combines practical experience with an academic background. She has a degree in Sociology and Business Administration. Additionally she obtained her PhD on the basis of research into ways of improving innovation and renewal within organizations. She has developed into an expert in the field of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Change management. Saskia combines her academic expertise with knowledge about and experience in management within SME’s and Multinationals like Philips and Sara Lee.

Joost Vos

Joost Vos, PhD (1960) studied Pharmacy at the University of Utrecht. Het worked for ten years at Schwabe Group in the functions of quality and production manager at the plants in Philadelphia (USA) and Alkmaar (Nl). As of 1999 he works as a Managing Consultant at TNO Management Consultants. In his job he combines strategic advice, research and education. In 1984 Joost Vos worked as a chemistry teacher. As of 2001 Joost is a guest Lecturer at various Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. At Wittenborg Joost Vos is a Senior Lecturer as of 2013.

Esther Gitonga

Esther Gitonga, MSc. - After graduating with honors in Hospitality & Tourism management at Kenyatta University Esther came to the Netherlands to study at Wageningen University. Esther has a Master degree in leisure, tourism & environmental studies. She is currently preparing for her PhD at Wageningen University, in a joint suprevision with Wittenborg, in which she is exploring climate change adaptation options for marginalized tourism dependent communities in Africa. Esther is fascinated about travel.

Muhammad Ashfaq

Dr.Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA is highly motivated individual with the goal of empowering people by giving them right education and trainings in variety of disciplines to uplift their standard of living.

Harry Maatjes

Harry Maatjes graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in various companies, mainly in the field of environmental issues. Harry specialized in non-production management, like quality, business start-ups, licencies, after-sales service and finance. In 2003 he joined Wittenborg as a teacher in SME modules, finance and law. On occasion, he gives seminars on subjects of the professional aspects of modern business. From 2008 on he is a member of Wittenborg’s Trust with quality, finance and accreditation as fields of interest. Harry now owns a small company, which specializes in environmental issues, like odour reduction and elimination of pollution from factories, large kitchens and petrochemical industry.

Gilbert Silvius

Dr.Gilbert Silvius  (1963) - is a ‘practitioner turned academic’, with extensive experience in management, consulting, research and education. He is professor at LOI University of Applied Sciences and senior research associate at the University of Johannesburg. Gilbert is considered an expert in project management and information management, and has published over a 100 academic papers and several books.

Marc de Jong

Marc de Jong, MA   - has experience as conference manager in Germany, he shifted to teaching Business German to professionals at Open Universities and to students in Office Management and Management Assistance. Moreover, He is providing his experience and expertise in internationalisation to the Dutch National Agency of Erasmus+. This involves regular assessing of project bids as well as follow-up reports. At Wittenborg University, it is his great pleasure to enrich international students with the vibrant and creative German language, culture and society. "My lessons will empower you to discover it yourself!

René Rijnders

René Rijnders, MSc - has worked for the Dutch Board of the Hotel and Catering Industry for many years, focussing on Labour Market Research, Food Safety and Future Hospitality. He has participated in a number of publications on using the Design Thinking approach in concept development in hospitality. In 2013 he entered Education at Saxion Hospitality Business School and is currently appointed to NHTV Breda and Wittenborg University of Applies Sciences.

Melike Almaz-Nieuwenburg

Melike Almaz-Nieuwenburg, MSc , MSc - By working in audit and control areas Melike has 8 years of professional banking experience. She combined her professional experience with relevant academic background with 2 master studies in Banking and financial management.

Anna Bos-Nehles

Dr.Anna Bos-Nehles - is a lecturer in the field of Human Resource Management. Her main research interest lies in the role of line managers towards HRM implementation effectiveness and their effect on innovative employee behavior. In the first sub-topic she focuses on how line managers implement HR policies and practices at the operational level and in the second sub-topic her interest lies in the way line managers can shape the innovative behavior of employees in all areas of the organization.

Mariví Martinez Brocca

Mariví Brocca, MSc - graduated in Law and she studied to become a Tax Inspector but she changed her professional direction. She has worked as a language teacher since 2001. In 2004 she met her husband in Seville (Spain), first they moved to Lisbon and in 2009  to Utrecht, where they live now. Now she combines working for bigger organizations as a Spanish teacher with her small language school, Las Naranjas.

Geert de Haan

Dr.Geert de Haan, MSc - Educated in Cognitive Psychology, he calls himself Cognitive Ergonomist because of his work in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Cognitive Ergonomics trying to adapt Information Technology to the capabilities and limitations of human users and to find ways to make computer systems functional, easy to use, easy to learn, and pleasant to work with. These demands are getting increasingly more important, now that we are moving with our personal live into digital information ecologies.

Sylvia Wels

Sylvia Wels, MBA - studied biology and environmental studies and worked for 28 years as an environmental consultant, process manager and senior policy specialist for an environmental department in Utrecht. In this period she was a chairman of the working group 'culture change', during organizational development process that has led to the drawing up of a Balanced Scorecard. Besides that she worked as a manager in her own ict company.  After a job change she started working as a change manager and teacher at the Waldorfschool in Zeist. She finished her MBA with a research in confidence in leadership in relation the the change readiness of the employees. As of 2016 she is a lecturer at Wittenborg university.

Bert Meeuwsen

Bert Meeuwsen, MBA Med - is born in the Netherlands has lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Bert has organization sciences research on: ‘Interventional preferences due to organization cultural differences of personnel within the Netherlands’ Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan’; ‘Perception positioning, and consultancy to management, of a school for secondary education in the Greater Rotterdam Area’; ‘Adult education as change intervention’, within implementation of enterprise resources planning system’ With his international experience he is educating Wittenborg students.

Paul Fynn

Paul Fynn - Committed to Higher Education, with a focus on Hospitaliy, Tourism and Leisure Paul Fynn has twenty years experience in a range of institutions and programs at Higher education level. He has an integrated approach to the three subject areas, experience in operating his own business, and in stakeholder engagement.

Fjorentina Muco

Fjorentina Muco, MSc Graduated in English Philology with a MSC in Methodology. She has been working with academic curricula for more than 10 years including students from lower education as well as higher education. She loves to train new generations for their tomorrow’s professional life. Teaching inexperienced students can be quite a great responsibility which demands not only professionalism but insights as well. Due to this reason it makes your work a lot more serious.

Marjon van Opijnen

Marjon van Opijnen, MSc, MA   interest and work in economic and societal transition made her realise that also sustainability has its boundaries when we remain focused on our current systems and make sustainability part of this. The question "How do we want to relate with each other and with our environment" is an important focus in her work and reaches beyond sustainability and our current existing economic and societal systems. "For me the answer to this question is a fundament for the system we are heading to, which is much more value and social based. I'd like to take an active role in this transition."Marjon van Opijnen

Lijie Zheng

Lijie Zheng, MM teaches the module of Statistics and International Trade in IBA programmes at Wittenborg. Given Lijie’s research and project experiences about many different ethnic minorities both in China and in the Netherlands, she believes that the understanding of our increasingly integrated and diverse world, on both economic and cultural level, is crucial to an organization’s success.

Peter Saes

Peter Saes, MA, graduated from University of Amsterdam (MA Ling), University of Nottingham (MA Eng Studies) and University of Applied Sciences (TTC) Utrecht. Peter has two businesses of his own in language acquisition and services and develops language learning courses. Peter Seas is lecturing the intensive Dutch Languages course as well as the Dutch as a second language modules.

Radostina Zasheva

Radostina Zasheva, MSc is part of the Faculty team for our Hospitality program. She is a researcher, writer trainer and lecturer. With her expertise she is able to provide education towards different cultures. She has conducted research in gender specific leisure time between Dutch and Bulgarian Woman

Hans Nillesen

Hans Nillesen, MSc is a Senior Manager with 25+ years of international management, project management and strategy consulting experience, serving global electricity, gas and water utility markets as well as airports, airlines, rail, public transport and other infrastructure. Very experienced interim manager, line, program, project and contract manager and manager/ director of business units, joint ventures and consortia. Robust, motivated and perseverant, strategic and innovative, practically oriented but bearing in mind man as well as organizational goals.  A team builder and organizer, coach and - if necessary - mediator.

Luis Fernando Gutierrez

Luis Fernando Gutierrez, MSc is a finance professional with broad experience in highly competitive working environments. Actually international independent corporate finance consultant for small and medium size companies.

Lotte Zwijnenburg, MSc

Lotte Zwijnenburg's first job was to promote the interests of motorized vehicles in the Netherlands at the industry association RAI. It evolved in digital promotion for the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and conference centre. She continued developing her knowledge and skills of the implications of digital interaction as strategy consultant for digital agencies and she organized the Design for Conversion conferences in Amsterdam, Koln and New York. She studied at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (MSc Reputation Management)  Her thesis was: The communication‐factor innovative organizations: how corporate communication can be accountable for creating social capital (2014. Erasmus University)
She has always been interested in ethics and governance issues and contributed to thebook: CSR & Communication (2004, Thieme Meulenhof)

Contact Position
Lotte Zwijnenburg, MSc lotte.zwijnenburg@wittenborg.eu Lecturer
Luis Fernando Gutierrez, MSc Luis.Gutierrez@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Finance
Hans Nillesen, MSc hans.nillesen@wittenborg.eu Senior Lecturer
Radostina Zasheva, MSc radostina.zasheva@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Hospitality
Peter Saes, MA Peter.Saes@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Dutch as a Second Language
Lijie Zheng, MM Lijie.Zheng@wittenborg.eu Lecturer and Academic Tutor
Marjon van Opijnen, MSc, MA Marjon.vanopijnen@wittenborg.eu Lecturer integral sustainability
Fjorentina Muco, MSc fjorentina.muco@wittenborg.eu Lecturer
René Rijnders, MSc Rene.rijnders@wittenborg.eu lecturer
Marc de Jong, MA marcdejong67@gmail.com Lecturer in German
Dr.Gilbert Silvius gilbert.silvius@wittenborg.eu Senior lecturer
Bert Meeuwsen, MBA Med Bert.Meeuwsen@wittenborg.eu Lecturer
Sylvia Wels, MBA s.wels@wittenborg.eu Co-Lecturer
Dr.Geert de Haan, MSc geert.de.haan@wittenborg.eu Information Management
Paul Fynn paul.fynn@wittenborg.eu Visiting Faculty
Mariví Martinez Brocca, MSc Marivi.martinezbrocca@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Spanish
Dr.Anna Bos-Nehles a.c.nehles@utwente.nl Assistant Professor HRM
Melike Almaz-Nieuwenburg, MSc melikealmaz@gmail.com Lecturer
Lucinda Douglas lucinda.douglas@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Marketing
Carol Tarr carol.tarr@wittenborg.eu Lecturer
Lucy Omwoha, MsC lucy.omwoha@wittenborge.eu Lecturer / Tutor
Nishal Oemrawsingh nishal.oemrawsingh@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA
Dr.Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA muhammad.ashfaq@wittenborg.eu Lecturer
Marieke Timmer, MA marieke.timmer@wittenborg.eu Lecturer Hospitality; Project Week Coordinator; Academic Tutor
Dr. Alexander Bauer alexander.bauer@wittenborg.eu Business Developer and Lecturer: Hospitality, IBA
Adrianne Jonquière-Breure, MSc adrianne.jonquiere@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA
Dr. Mirjam Leloux mirjam.leloux@wittenborg.eu Researcher and Lecturer: IBA
Esther Gitonga esther.gitonga@wittenborg.eu Researcher and Lecturer: Head of the School of Hospitality
Joost Vos, PhD joost.vos@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA
Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA saskia.harkema@wittenborg.eu Leading Researcher and Lecturer: Hospitality and IBA
Drs. Ing Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP emiel.schiphorst@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA, Hospitality
Bob Dyson bob.dyson@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA
Daniel O' Connell daniel.oconnell@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA, Hospitality
Harry Maatjes harry.maatjes@wittenborg.eu Trustee, Financial and Quality Manager
Dr Teun Wolters, PhD teun.wolters@wittenborg.eu Researcher, Lecturer: IBA, Hospitality
Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA adeyemi.banjo@wittenborg.eu Lecturer: IBA
Dr. Rauf Abdul, PhD, MSc, MBA rauf@wittenborg.eu Senior Lecturer / Head School of Business