IBA (Bachelor) Marketing & Communication


Course Name: 
IBA in Marketing & Communication
Course Type: 
Course Sector: 
Business & Finance
Course Duration: 
3-4 Years


Entry Points Per Year: 
6 x entry per year possible
Next Starting Date(s): 
4 December 2017, 12 February 2018, April 2018...MORE DATES
Degree or Qualification: 
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Tuition Fee: 
Annual: €7.500


Bachelor of International Business Administration students complete a series of broad marketing modules, however those students who choose the pathway (specialisation) Marketing and Communication are introduced to the aspects of companies and organisations that affect the success or the organisation.

Marketing & Communication comprises a combination of business marketing strategies, branding and the way that businesses and organizations promote themselves to the outside world. It is the business of creating a constant image that will promote the company, its ideals and its products. Marketing & Communication penetrates deeper than just the production of printed or online material, it deals with the way an organization communicates its messages, both internally and externally.

Business Administrators dealing with the Marketing & Communication strategies of a company are constantly looking at the systems in place, at the human resources and the way in which they are managed, at the supply chain and at the sales pipeline – all areas affected directly by the marketing and communication strategy.

Marketing & Communication deals with branding, imaging, house style, but also with crisis management, downsizing and re-inventing – Marketing & Communication specialists are at the front line of Business Administration!

Course Content

The Marketing & Communication programme is aimed at developing the skills and competencies that a modern Marketing and Public Relations Officer requires.

Students are introduced to modules such as Mass Communication, Public Relations and Company Branding, but also areas of marketing such as Marketing Research, Niche Marketing and E-Presence.

During their final year, students will be asked to design a company communication plan, or a marketing strategy as part of a business plan.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
IT, Office Software & Automation Marketing Research Corporate Entrepreneurship
English Language for Work Experience Public Relations & Sales - (seminar) Corporate Social Responsibility
Work Experience Preparation Module Sales & Export International Labour Relations
Accounting & Bookkeeping - (seminar) International Trade Risks - (seminar) Labour Negotiation & Work's Council
Intercultural Management Marketing & Communication Advanced Corporate Strategy
Administrative Organisation Management Statistics - (seminar) Corporate Social Responsibility
Small Business Environment Business Philosophy Business Plan
Modern Principles of Marketing Business Accounting Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods
Management, Leadership & The Organisation Enterprise Technology & Innovation - (seminar) Business Research Methods
Introduction to Finance - (seminar) Sustainable Business Strategic Marketing
European Law Mass Communication - (seminar) Marketing in Turbulent Times
Training in Interpersonal Skills Information Management International Marketing for SMEs
TIPS - Interviewing Skills Website Design & Benchmarking - (seminar) International Marketing in Practice
TIPS - Effective Meeting - (seminar) A Good Design is Half Success Niche Marketing
TIPS - Peak Performance Marketing Plan Trademarks & Branding
TIPS - Feedback & Group Interaction Managing Organisations - (seminar) Appreciative Inquiry
Sociology & Organisational Behaviour International Communication 2nd Foreign Languages /
Marketing Mix Introduction to Entrepreneurship Intercultural Business Communication for Managers
- (seminar) Digital Marketing Enterprise Diagnostics & Evaluation PDP 3 - Personal Development Plan & Tutoring
Organisational Theory 2nd Foreign Languages Work Placement Module
New Business Environment PDP 2 – Personal Development Plan & Tutoring Graduation Assignment
Project Management Basics PDP Seminar - Managing Diversity  
International Law in Business & Commerce PDP Seminar - Negotiation  
2nd Foreign Languages PDP Seminar - Consulting Skills  
PDP 1 – Personal Development Plan & Academic English PDP Seminar - Tapping your Creativity  
PDP Seminar - Business Presentation Skills PDP Seminar - Conflict Management  
PDP Seminar - Project Management Game 6 Project weeks & In-company Visits  
PDP Seminar - Leadership in Business Environment    
PDP Seminar - Team Building    
PDP Seminar - Effective Time Management    
6 x Project Week & In-company Visits    


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements - Bachelor Programmes

High School Diploma or final certificate, equivalent to the Netherlands VWO, HAVO or MBO level 4 diploma / UK AS & A Level or BTEC. Please contact the Admissions Office to receive High School diploma comparisons. Please note: Advanced Placement / Credit Transfer Possible.

Direct Entry to Final Year Bachelor Programme (Top-Up)

Students with successful study experience equivalent to 160 European Credits in a related business or economic field are able to enter directly into the Final Year Programme (80 credits - please see 'Top-Up Degree' descriptions). Wittenborg's Graduation and Examination Board will decide on entry based on credit transcripts and qualifications presented.

English Language Requirements

IELTS 6 or TOEFL Equivalent. Click here for an overview of the equivalent scores.
TOEFL Code of Wittenborg is 4889.

Not got the English language level requirements? Inform about our Foundation Programme here.

The Industry

Marketing careers vary a great deal, as the profession comprises many facets and activities. There are many opportunities, however they all have a number of things in common, including the stewardship of a concept, a service or a brand and the understanding of needs and requirements both externally from customers and relations, and internally from the organization or company itself. The communication of a marketing strategy is paramount to the success of a Marketing and Communications officer in any organisation.

That marketing communication can be done in several ways that is why a career in marketing and communication opens several doors as a profession.

Marketing and Communication specialists take a product or service and associate that product or service with a brand name, a house style and a philosophy. Marketing can be defined as being the intermediary function between product development and sales. It can be seen as the storehouse for advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy, and more. Marketing and Communications specialists ensure longevity of a product or company name. They make sure that customers gain a balanced and pleasing feel to the organization or business. A key part of a career in marketing and communication is to understand the needs, preferences, and constraints that define the target group of consumers or the market niche corresponding to the brand. This is done by market research.

Career Prospects

Marketing and communications specialists are required in every company in every industry, so the career potential is unlimited.

Think of opportunities in:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Management

Many Wittenborg graduates have found direct employment in small sized marketing and communication companies, and some have started their own agencies. These students understand that developing marketing and internal and external communication strategies for companies can be extremely lucrative, specialised work, and that success is often found in made to measure solutions. Graduates have also found careers in non profit and government organisations, working in areas such as public relations and international communication.

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