Wittenborg - a dynamic and international University of Applied Sciences

Ranking & Accreditation

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is appointed by the Dutch government and meets all required regulations. All degrees and programmes are internationally recognised and accredited in Europe. Programmes have been developed in consultation with, and have the support of business and industry.

  • Master of Science Programmes are accredited by the University of Brighton (under QAA, UK).
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Programmes are accredited by the Netherlands Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) and the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation  (FIBAA - a German, Austrian, Swiss Accrediting body).
  • Bachelor of Entreprenerial Business Administration is accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation  (FIBAA - a German, Austrian, Swiss Accrediting body).
  • Master of Business Administration programmes are accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation  (FIBAA - a German, Austrian, Swiss Accrediting body).

"Our unique learning environment provides students a learning experience that goes beyond the traditional values of a business school. When you join Wittenborg you are admitted to a family of entrepreneurs that sees good business practice as an art, something to be nurtured. Join Wittenborg and you enter a world in which you can develop, and build on your leadership decision-making skills."

Wittenborg is Apeldoorn's International University of Applied Sciences:- a government-appointed institute, founded in 1987, with as most important goal, the integration of theory and practice in higher education, through combining practice and applied research. This can still be seen as the most important drive behind Wittenborg’s education, leading students to a solid base on which to build a successful and exciting career in the future, with secure prospects.

Practice and theory in the real world cannot be separated, and it is this combination in study that makes the higher education provided by Wittenborg, such an exciting and challenging prospect for students both from within the Netherlands and abroad. Wittenborg has excellent contacts with business and governmental organisations, providing both teaching staff and placement opportunities from these fields. 

Wittenborg guarantees students good networking possibilities, both within the classroom and outside! Wittenborg University is not government funded, however it is recognised in law by the Netherlands government as an Institute for Higher Education, and operates as a nonprofit organisation. Wittenborg therefore receives no direct funding from the Dutch government, however is an institution with the right to award officially recognised degrees and legally protected titles to graduates of their accredited programmes. Government approval is official recognition that the quality of the institution, Wittenborg University, has been inspected and approved of.

The result makes Wittenborg University in Apeldoorn and in Amsterdam a good choice!


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