Education a Major Export for the Netherlands but it Needs to Import Young Talent

Higher education is one of the Netherlands’s major exports, but it has to import young talent and that is why educators like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences are so important. This is according to Paul Zevenbergen, an executive board member of the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization NVAO, who was the guest speaker at Wittenborg’s 30th anniversary gala last Friday.


Dutch Education Minister Jet Bussemaker to legally protect the use of the name University in the Netherlands

Minister of Education, Jet Bussemaker has announced that she intends to put forward a proposal to legally protect the terms University and University of Applied Sciences. This as part of a continuing move to formalise Dutch higher education, in such a way that its international reputation is maintained and enhanced.


a FIBAA Accreditation Auditing Panel return to Wittenborg for the new MBA

Wittenborg Bachelor of Business Administration Programmes are accredited by FIBAAWUP 25/04/2014 - a FIBAA Accreditation Auditing Panel return to Wittenborg for the new MBAAs part of accrediting a new Master program at Wittenborg University, the i-MBA (International Master of Business Administration), current students and graduates of the university were recently interviewed by a panel of experts in quality assurance. Representatives from FIBAA - a European internationally-oriented agency for quality assurance and development in higher education who is currently reviewing the proposed Wittenborg MBA - visited Wittenborg on Friday.

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The Broad Bachelor – a New Concept?

When Wittenborg University started developing its international degree programmes in 2004 it chose to create what is now being called a Broad Bachelor – the Bachelor International Business Administration with various different pathways, such as Hospitality Management, Marketing & Communication and Financial Services Management. The concept was first accredited by the Dutch NVAO* in 2006 and was reaccredited with 8 programme pathways in 2012, also by the German FIBAA*. The IBA programmes have been further developed with 4 new pathways and in 2014 will consist of 12 degree programmes. WUP 16/7/2013 - The Broad Bachelor – a New Concept? September will see a new Education Act in the Netherlands entitled ‘Kwaliteit in Verscheidenheid Hoger Onderwijs’ which is literally translated as Quality in Diverse Higher Education. The Act will enable academic 3 year Bachelor programmes to be offered by Dutch “Hogescholen” (Universities of Applied Sciences) and incorporate the concept of the Associate Degree, which until now has only been run as a pilot at the participating institutions. The new Act will also enable institutions to cluster degree programmes into what is being termed “the broad Bachelor degree”.

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Heftig debat deeltijd

17 april 2012 - Het pamflet dat de HBO-raad met zijn partners uit het onderwijs gisteren op het HBO-congres uitdeelde over Zijlstra’s deeltijdplannen is bij de particuliere aanbieders niet goed gevallen. “De suggestie dat de kwaliteit van het niet bekostigde aanbod minder goed is geborgd, is onjuist,” aldus de NRTO. In het op het HBO-congres uitgedeelde pamflet stelt de HBO-koepel dat 26,8% van de accreditatieaanvragen van niet-bekostigde opleidingen wordt afgekeurd of ingetrokken, terwijl dit voor publiek HBO bij slechts 2,6% geldt. Daarbij beroept de HBO-raad zich op de meest recente jaarverslagen van de NVAO.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences ontvangt FIBAA Accreditatie voor de Bachelor in International Business Administration.

FIBAA Accreditation for Wittenborg University IBA Programmes

30-08-2012 De FIBAA - The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation -  heeft vandaag haar 5-jarige accreditatie verleend aan Wittenborg University’s “International Business Administration” (BBA) programma.Bijzonder: veel aspecten van de accreditatiecritera zijn aangemerkt als “Exceeding Quality Requirements”


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