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Many Wittenborg Staff are Alumni from Dutch Education - Week of the International Student

Sat, 10/14/2017 - 11:43

From 13 – 17 November the Netherlands will celebrate the Week of the International Student.

International students in the Netherlands are estimated to contribute €1.57 billion annually to the Dutch treasury. Almost 40% stay on after graduation, including many graduates from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, which is celebrating its 30th year anniversary this year.

If you are an alumnus from Wittenborg, we would love to hear your story!

In fact, many international alumni from Dutch higher education currently work at Wittenborg as academic and support staff.

These include Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall (MA.Ed) – British and Swiss nationality – who graduated from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in 1997, and continued with a Master of Arts in Education Management through the UK Open University. Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng (MSc) from China completed a bachelor's degree in Information Services Management in the Netherlands, before doing a Master of Science in Facility Management from the University of Greenwich, UK.

Also Dutch graduates are the head of Wittenborg’s School of Business, Dr Rauf Abdul, originally from Pakistan, and the head of its School of Hospitality, Esther Gitonga-Bakker, from Kenya, as well as tutor and lecturer George Bosire, also from Kenya. Abdul earned his PhD in September 2015 from the University of Twente, while Gitonga-Bakker and Bosire are currently working on theirs at the University of Wageningen and the Business School Netherlands, respectively.

Among other Dutch alumni working at Wittenborg is student registrar, Santosh Aryal from Nepal, who was one of Wittenborg’s first bachelor's degree graduates. Lecturers include Adeyemi Banjo from Nigeria (MSc, MBA), who joined Wittenborg University in 2010 where he has been lecturing to date, lecturer Lucy Omwoha from Kenya, who completed her MSc in Event Management at Wittenborg and the University of Brighton in the UK, and also the head of process tutoring, Myra Qiu from China, who earned her MSc in Event Management from Wittenborg and Brighton this year. 

International support staff who graduated in the Netherlands are Kriszta Rostás, education and quality support officer from Hungary, who did a master's degree in Economics & Business from the University of Utrecht, communications officer Anesca Smith from South Africa, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management in 2013, and admissions officer Tri Adiyanti Setiawan (MSc), who completed her master's degree in International Tourism Management at Wittenborg in 2017.

WUP 14/10/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Wittenborg Staff Start Teaching Certificate Training from the University of Brighton

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 15:30

Academic staff at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this week started on their Master's-level Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

The training will be offered over a period of 3 semesters by lecturers from Wittenborg’s education partner in the UK, the University of Brighton, to further enhance the quality of teaching at Wittenborg.

The programme was announced at the start of the new academic year by Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall. From 2018, the training will also be available to external staff in higher education.

Birdsall said that ramping up academic quality and improving student experience will be some of the main priorities in the new academic year. Additional resources will be allocated for education management - including the training of teachers to improve classroom experience, a mechanism for the Graduation Exam Board to screen papers and dissertations, as well as regular classroom peer monitoring.

WUP 12/10/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Wittenborg Students Meet Top Business Leaders

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 16:00

Students from Wittenborg had the unique opportunity to meet a range of business people at a recently held conference of the education sector, ICT and manufacturing industry.

The event was co-organised by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, together with other institutes of higher education in Apeldoorn, highlighting to companies the benefits of working with education institutes in the region. The other institutes are Saxion University of Applied Sciences and ROC Aventus. Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, was also one of the speakers.

The event took place at Area 055 in Apeldoorn. It is pegged on the idea that in Smart Industry technology and manufacturing are closely intertwined. Therefore a new approach to business, ideas and innovation is required.

Wittenborg students who attended said it was a highly valuable experience. One of them was Nino Nemsadze from Georgia, who said: “I had an opportunity to speak with people from different industries. Most of them were specialised in IT and technological innovations.  Also, there were representatives from recruitment companies with whom I had discussions about the difficulties of finding an internship in the Apeldoorn area.

“In my opinion, the event was really useful, especially for students who are looking for internships. The guests there were very interested in our school and our international background. Furthermore, it was motivating as well by showing the students how a real business presentation works. I would suggest every student who is looking for an internship to attend this kind of event. This is a chance to meet the directors of the companies directly. There were introductions to so many different companies, giving a chance of a small conversational interview, which in the future may lead to finding a very good internship near the university.”

Bertha Tanaem from Indonesia said: “I have never been to a formal networking event like this in the Netherlands. I was a little nervous at first for being surrounded by professionals. However, it was a great experience with some motivating conversation.”

Sandeep Gupta from India said: “It was an honour to meet kingpins from different businesses during the event. It was really a great learning and knowledge-sharing opportunity.

“During the discussion, one common thing which came up with almost everyone whom I met, regarded my choice to select the Netherlands as a destination and specifically Wittenborg University for my studies. As an answer, I highlighted the course I am pursuing at our esteemed university, and how this relates to my work experience, adding value to my career.

“This is one of the vital opportunities of meeting leading professionals from different businesses at one platform. Events like this provide business and market insights with knowledge-sharing opportunities. This may also help the students seeking work opportunities in the local market to a great extent.”


WUP 10/10/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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New MSc Students get Hearty Welcome at Wittenborg

Sun, 10/08/2017 - 12:10

This week Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences welcomed its latest group of MSc students from all over the world for three packed days of orientation. Their academic year will officially start on 9 October when classes commence.

The new students are from Iceland, Holland, the Ukraine, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Germany, Nigeria, Malaysia and Turkey. Among them is Wittenborg alumnus Emelda Obewu, who graduated with a European Bachelor's in Hospitality Management - the so-called EuroBA - last year.

Wittenborg offers 4 Master of Science programmes, including its latest addition an MSc in Sport Business Management, in conjunction with the University of Brighton in the UK. All post-graduate degrees are offered on a full-time and part-time basis, except the MBA specialisations, which can only be followed full-time.

A total of 16 MSc students are expected to start classes next Monday. On Tuesday, students were welcomed by Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, and Dr Pete Odgers, MSc Programme Coordinator of the University of Brighton. They received information about Wittenborg’s policy procedures and handbooks before being treated to lunch. 

On Wednesday, it was time for group work, learning presentation skills and using online resources. Friday’s schedule will include a visit to the Dutch royal summer residence in Apeldoorn, Het Loo Palace.

WUP 8/10/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Private Dutch Universities Finally in the National Register of Degrees

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 22:08
Important step towards more transparency will bring benefits to Wittenborg and its students.

On October 3, 2017, the Netherlands Parliament's First Chamber approved the connection of private higher education to 'BRON' (the Basic Register of Education) and the admission of diplomas & degrees of private universities and universities of applied sciences in the diploma register.

Through this amendment of the current legislation, private research universities and universities of applied sciences, such as Wittenborg, enjoy the same benefits of transparency as their publicly funded counterparts.  This ruling allows students in private higher education to obtain a confirmation of their degree from the DUO, the Education Operations Service of the ministry of education.

'NRTO has long argued that private institutions should be connected to 'BRON' so that it is clear how many students are studying in private higher education. This increases transparency, and now that all students in private education can easily find their degrees in the diploma register, it's certainly a step forward," said Ria van 't Klooster (director NRTO, branch organisation representing Private Higher Education in the Netherlands).

According to Santosh Aryal, Wittenborg's Student Registrar, 'Having them included in BRON will greatly benefit our students, of course. However, it will make it easier for Wittenborg to profile itself, for instance making its basic student records directly available to government will enable us to be included in internationalisation ranking data, showing that we are the most international and diverse institute'.

Wittenborg has recently been ranked in the top of the Netherland's business programmes, ranked 4th top institute in the small university category, and 2nd overall in the business administration bachelor's programmes.

'BRON' stands for 'Basisregister Onderwijs' or literally, Basic Register of Education. In BRON, the enrollments and diplomas of students are recorded, leading to data on retention rates, diversity, internationalisation.

Diploma Registry
In the diploma registry, anyone who has obtained a (government-accredited) degree or diploma can download an excerpt of the obtained diplomas and degrees. This extract is a PDF document that is officially certified. This certification  guarantees that the document originates from DUO. The digital excerpt has the same value as a certified copy of a student's degree/diploma and can be used in an official capacity to show what a student has achieved.

WUP 5/10/2017

Source: http://www.nrto.nl/news/privaat-onderwijs-eindelijk-in-diplomaregister/

by James Wittenborg

©Wittenborg University Press

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Russian Student at Wittenborg Passes Away

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 18:42

It is with deep sadness that Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has announced the passing away of one of its international students, Ekaterina Zhuravleva.

Ekaterina, from Russia, died in early September at the age of 21 years after an extended illness. She came to study at Wittenborg in December 2016. However, due to her illness she stopped her studies three months later. She was registered for an IBA (Bachelor) in Logistics & International Trade.

Wittenborg extends its condolences to the family. Ekaterina’s tutor, Myra Qiu, said she was a soft-spoken student and very optimistic about her future.

Ekaterina stayed in Wittenborg’s accommodation facilities in Apeldoorn and many students knew her. Before coming to Holland she also studied in Germany and Spain.

WUP 5/10/2017

by Anesca Smith

©Wittenborg University Press

Netherlands Ready for 4th Industrial Revolution as Country Ranked 4th most Competitive Economy

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 15:24

Ten years after the financial crisis, the Netherlands has emerged as the 4th most competitive economy in the world.

This is according to the latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index which ranks 137 economies by their ability to sustain inclusive growth. That means growth that delivers positive change and benefits citizens as well as the environment.

According to the report the Netherlands is in “an excellent position to shape the unfolding Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Holland is only surpassed by Switzerland (1), the US and Singapore. The index looks at 12 pillars of competitiveness including innovation, infrastructure and the macroeconomic environment. In August, the Netherlands was also ranked as the 4th most innovative country in Europe.

“The Netherlands maintains its position with the support of a strong education system and high levels of tech readiness among businesses and individuals. Its thriving innovation ecosystem puts the country in an excellent position to shape the unfolding Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the report concludes.

WUP 3/10/2017

by James Wittenborg
©Wittenborg University Press

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Students Get 5-Star Welcome at Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna

Sun, 10/01/2017 - 10:14

Students at Wittenborg Vienna headed for a posh 5-star hotel, the Park Hyatt Vienna, for their first Project Week activity. The group was led by the director of Wittenborg Vienna, Dr Alexander Bauer and Luise Wagner, the project week lecturer in Vienna.

Now more than 100 years old, the Park Hyatt building served for 92 years as one of Vienna’s grandest banks, situated in the heart of the city, before opening its doors as a hotel in 2008.

Students were able to take in one of its most famous attractions - a gold-lined pool, located in the former bank vault. They were also extensively informed about the business by the CTR manager of career options at the hotel. 

Bauer said students were expected to do a price analysis of the Park Hyatt as a 5-star accommodation, and also compare it with other 5-star hotels in the world.

Before visiting the hotel, the group toasted Wittenborg on its 30th anniversary from a typical Viennese café.

WUP 1/10/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Holland in Top 10 of Countries that Prepare Students Best

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 10:38

The Netherlands is in the Top 10 of countries that best prepare their students for the future, a new study has revealed.

These are countries deemed to have the most “effective” education systems, according to the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Countries were assessed on education policy, teaching environment and socio-economic environment.

New Zealand takes the top spot, followed by Canada and Finland. The Netherlands is 9th and Germany rounds off the Top 10.  The Netherlands scored 69% for its policy environment, 77% for its teaching, and 84% for its socio-economic environment.

“The Netherlands ranks 9th because of factors like availability of career counselling for youth in schools and teacher qualifications. It maintains a high quality socio-economic environment yet could improve on teaching and policy environments,” a synopsis of the report reads.

WUP 29/9/2017

by James Wittenborg
©Wittenborg University Press

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Proud Moment as Wittenborg Ranked a Top HBO Institute in Holland

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:30

Wittenborg has been ranked as one of the top Universities of Applied Sciences (HBO) in the Netherlands by Keuzegids HBO 2018 – an annual report comparing the quality of HBO’s in the country.   

Wittenborg earned the 4th highest score of all HBO’s in the country and the highest in the Amsterdam region as well as the Randstad with 83.5 points out of 100. Wittenborg has locations in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna. It just celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Only 14% of HBO’s has this year been given the stamp of top institution from Keuzegids with Wittenborg being one of them. According to a press release there are lots of quality to be found at private business schools, hotel schools and in art education.

Wittenborg Bachelor's of International Business Administration is "excellent quality"

The Keuzegids report, which came out on Tuesday, singles out Wittenborg’s International Business Administration programme (s) - IBA- in the section International Business & Management Studies. “You are guaranteed excellent quality,” Keuzegids enthuses. For this area of study Wittenborg’s IBA in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam is ranked second, only topped by the Tio University of Applied Sciences for its IBM programme.

Keuzegids comments that private institutions, like Wittenborg and Tio, are naturally not as cheap (for Dutch students) as the state-funded ones but is worth the trouble. “Students are glowingly enthusiastic about the teaching quality. The programmes are challenging, students learn useful skills and are well prepared for the professional world. They are also taught by enthusiastic teachers.” In comparison, Wittenborg is actually cheaper for non-Dutch students than many of its state run competitors.

The list categorizes institutions by size – large, medium-sized and small. Wittenborg also occupies the 4th spot on the list for small institutions – meaning, those with less than 700 first-year students. In fact, one of the distinguishing features of this year’s list is that smaller institutions outshines the bigger ones by a mile.”

Small HBO's outshines the big ones

The list categorizes institutions by size – large, medium-sized and small. Wittenborg also occupies the 4th spot on the list for small institutions – meaning, those with less than 700 first-year students. In fact, one of the distinguishing features of this year’s list is that smaller institutions outshines the bigger ones by a mile.”

“There are some brilliant small institutions ones on the list,” comments Keuzegids, which acts as guide to prospective students on where to study and which programme to follow. The ranking is based on the some of the opinions of current students collected in the National Student Survey (NSE) earlier this year, as well as accreditation reports, institutional year reports and market employment data.

Several media outlets reported on the ranking, including the Leidsch Dagblad that featured a graphic clearly showing Wittenborg as the highest scoring University of Applied Sciences / HBO in the Randstad (The region around Amsterdam). It is disparaging about the poor performance of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and InHolland University of Applied Sciences. At Amsterdam “mass education and average education” are seen as problems, according to the paper.

This year Keuzegids has awarded 176 top degree programmes at Dutch universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, with Wittenborg's IBA  being one of them. That represents 14% of all HBO programmes in the country. It advises students to demand "more than basic quality".

WUP 27/9/2017

by Anesca Smith

©Wittenborg University Press

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Wittenborg Celebrates its 30th Birthday with Well-Wishes from Around the World

Mon, 09/25/2017 - 10:10

This week Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences officially turned 30 years old!

Students and staff celebrated the milestone event on Thursday at its 3 European locations in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna. A formal celebration will follow on 10 November, with a gala evening at the Apeldoorn city hall, in the company of stakeholders from the business community, government and diplomatic circles, befitting its international status. Many well-wishes were received from around the world.

In Apeldoorn the celebration was headed by the chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, while in Amsterdam it was CEO Maggie Feng who cut the specially-made logo cake, and in Vienna, director Dr Alexander Bauer led the toast.

A special Birthday Newsletter was issued detailing the university's growth over the past 30 years, from starting as Wittenborg College in 1987 in Deventer, to becoming one of the most international institutes of higher education in the Netherlands. It also gave an insight into how Wittenborg has solved the question of providing accommodation for its incoming international students over the years, the different buildings it occupied and what lies ahead for the university.

Birdsall said the gala will be "an incredible evening" with food, drink and live music. He encouraged international students to show off their countries' traditional clothes and their finest evening wear.

WUP 25/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press


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Happy 30th Birthday Wittenborg!

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 15:41


Today 21 September 2017, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences celebrates a great milestone - 30 years of providing quality education to students from more than 100 different nationalities! The day has been celebrated by students and staff at the Wittenborg campuses in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna. 

This has resulted in a long list of alumni who have distinguished themselves in many industries, achieving great success and serving as role models in communities all over the world. Wittenborg is proud to have made a contribution in shaping their future, providing a unique international perspective in their training.

Wittenborg College was founded in 1987 as a small, private institute in Deventer, preparing its students for careers in banking, insurance and property management. In 2002, it started developing English-taught business programmes, and in 2008 management was taken over by Peter Birdsall and Maggie Feng. In 2010, Wittenborg moved to Apeldoorn where it has two locations and various properties used for international student accommodation. The name officially changed to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in 2013.

Today, with almost 700 students from 80 different nationalities, Wittenborg is considered one of the fastest-growing, most international institutes of higher education in the Netherlands. It has locations in 3 European cities - Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna - and offers Bachelor and Master programmes. With its School of Business and School of Hospitality established, it now aims to establish schools of Education, Arts & Technology, as well as Health and Social Care.

Dust off your dancing shoes, because Wittenborg's 30th Year celebrations will culminate on 10 November in a magnificent gala at the Apeldoorn City Hall. Festivities will start from 19:30 onwards.

The event promises an unforgettable night of live entertainment, dancing, drinks and snacks, surpassing even the 25th anniversary gala in 2012.

Besides students, alumni and staff, invites have also been sent to Wittenborg alumni, education partners like the University of Brighton in the UK, Nuffic, the Ministry of Education, NVAO, NRTO and FIBAA, and representatives from various foreign embassies in the Netherlands.

New international students coming to study at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences need not worry about housing - the university has always provided shared, affordable accommodation to incoming students and continues to do so.

Starting from the time the institute was situated in Deventer, Wittenborg has always ensured students have rented accommodation in the city, making them feel at home and allowing them to adapt to their new environment quicker.

When Wittenborg moved its operations to Apeldoorn in 2010, the university worked closely with local housing corporations to provide shared accommodation for students. In addition, as a temporary solution to support growing student numbers, it set up the Spaceboxes in 2012. The Spaceboxes - ship containers transformed into independent units for single-occupation - were a colourful feature of the Apeldoorn landscape for 5 years.

Last year, Wittenborg invested for the first time in real estate by buying 5 apartments in the south of Apeldoorn, about 3km from its campus at 500 Laan van de Menserechten, after some of its rental agreements with housing corporations came to an end. It also partnered with the
Full Force Sports Academy, that has made some of its modern apartments available for Wittenborg students.

Currently the institute has a mixed housing approach when it comes to accommodating its students. Besides the existing property, it just purchased and renovated a former office building in the heart of Apeldoorn into student accommodation. It acquired the property in partnership with Van der Leij Vastgoed, a project developer specialising in re-purposing office space into living quarters.  In addition, the university continues to rent a minimum number of properties from housing corporations.

For more than two decades Wittenborg was situated in Deventer, first at a handsome villa on the Pikeursbaan where it was opened by the Mayor on 21 September 1987, then to the 'Villa de Heuvel ' on the Diepenveenseweg in Deventer.

With slogans like 'Hoe Pittig wil je het hebben!', which is literally a play on words in Dutch meaning - 'how spicy do you want it', or 'how tough do you want it', Wittenborg started creating its own unique brand.

When in 2003 Wittenborg opened its doors to international students it moved, with its new English and Dutch programmes, to a 3-storey building at Nieuwe Markt 23, right in the centre of Deventer - one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.

Apeldoorn - Laan van de Mensenrechten

It was also from here that it started positioning itself as an international Business and Management School offering all its programmes in English. From here it quickly spread out over three European cities: Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna.

Apeldoorn - Spoorstraat

In 2010, the school moved from Deventer to Apeldoorn after discussions with the city of Apeldoorn as part of ambitions to attract more institutions of higher education to the city. It moved into a wing-building of ROC Aventus at Laan van de Mensenrechten 500.


Then came 2015 - a big year for the school in terms of extension. Not only did it open a campus in Amsterdam, but also a second location in Apeldoorn, Spoorstraat 23, forming part of the city's new education hub around the railway station.


This year, Wittenborg reached another milestone - opening its first transnational campus in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

This year the university reached 100 different nationalities that studied here the past three years, with the two latest additions being from Finland and Belarus, making its classrooms more diverse than ever. Student numbers grew by over 15% in the 2017/18 academic year, and will reach around 700 by the end of the year.

Wittenborg's 10-year plan, unveiled in 2013, sees it aspiring to reach a number of 1,500 students. It also aims at growing into a broad university with 5 schools: School of Business, School of Hospitality, School of Education, School of Arts & Technology and a School of Health and Social Care.

It has been and continues to be involved in various research projects. The latest as an education partner in the Robotics Experience Centre Testing Ground Project - a venture which advances robotics technology in the eastern provinces of the Netherlands. Something the partners hope to strengthen is the country’s Smart Industry overall, with the resulting growth in employment .

Previously, Wittenborg was also involved in the GREAT Project - an EU-funded research project in growing renewable energy applications and technologies.

The coming year will see new research projects started in the fields of sustainability and innovation and according to Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, the education priorities for the new year will be to ramp up academic quality and improving student experience.  In the coming years Wittenborg will launch a range of a new programmes at various locations, new and old - including a Master of Arts (MA) in Education - in conjunction with its long-term academic partner in the UK, the University of Brighton, which will permanently move the institute away from only being a Business School, towards becoming a broader private and international University of Applied Sciences!


WUP 21/9/2017


by James Wittenborg, Anesca Smith and Others

©Wittenborg University Press


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Caribbean Student Tells of Devastation as Family Caught in Hurricane on St Maarten

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 10:02

Barely two weeks after Kamicha Gumbs left her home in St Maarten to study at Wittenborg Amsterdam, Hurricane Irma hit the Dutch-French Caribbean island, wreaking havoc and leaving thousands destitute.

She couldn’t make contact with her family for 4 days and was left sick from worry. “I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. Really, it was terrible.”

When she finally did make contact she was relieved to find that her family was unharmed.

“They told me to relax, they are ok and to concentrate on my studies. My grandmother had some water damage to her house and had to relocate. But I spoke to her in the meantime and she reminded me that we should be grateful because we still have life. She said houses can be rebuild but lost lives cannot. I feel a lot better now.

“I talk to them every day, even though mobile coverage on the island is still poor, and I hope to go home at Christmas.”

According to Kamicha, who was raised on St Maarten, the island suffered hurricanes before but not on the same level as Irma. It was classified as a Category 5 storm. She said her lecturers and class mates at Wittenborg Amsterdam were extremely helpful. “One lecturer told me to think positive and reminded me that I probably couldn’t make contact with my family immediately because the lines were cut off.”

Kamicha is doing an IBA in Entrepreneurship and SME Management at Wittenborg Amsterdam. She chose Holland for its focus on business and Wittenborg because of its international approach.

WUP 20/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Wittenborg Ahead of the Pack as Dutch Student Union Calls for More Student Housing

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:40

While the Dutch student Union LsVB has made an urgent call that more accommodation be made available for international students in the Netherlands, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is one step ahead – it has just announced more rooms for its international students in the city centre of Apeldoorn.

The first students have already moved in, just before the start of the new academic year.

Last week the LsVB called on universities, municipalities and housing corporations to do more in providing decent accommodation for incoming international students in the Netherlands. “Hundreds of international students still did not have housing at the start of the academic year. They are forced to sleep in hostels, in camping sites or even their cars. Some even abandon their studies,” a press release from the LsVB reads.

“Universities actively recruited these students who are now left on the street. They (the universities) have to take responsibility as soon as possible by coming up with a solution,” the chairman of the LsVB, Tariq Sewbaransingh said.

Meanwhile, as student numbers at Wittenborg grows, so does its student accommodation.

On Wednesday, Wittenborg announced the purchasing and renovation of a former office building in De Ruyterstraat, in the heart of Apeldoorn city. The development was also reported in de Stentor newspaper on Wednesday.

According to Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, the building can accommodate 34 students. Wittenborg acquired the property in partnership with Van der Leij Vastgoed, a project developer specialising in re-purposing office space into living quarters.

Given the growth in the number of students over the past few years, the demand for housing has outstripped supply and the school had to consider acquiring more living quarters for its incoming students, Feng said. The university is one of the most international in the Netherlands, boasting more than 80 different nationalities among students. The diversity is also reflected in its staff component.

WUP 18/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Wittenborg Offers More Housing for International Students in Former Office Building in Apeldoorn

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 10:28

Good news! Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is making more student housing available for its international students in the Netherlands after renovating a former office building in the heart of Apeldoorn and transforming it into spacious student accommodation.

Student Numbers Set to Top 700

Student numbers at Wittenborg are set to rise to more than 700 in the next year – the university has locations in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Vienna, Austria.

Unlike many institutions in the Netherlands, Wittenborg provides all its international students with accommodation for the first few months upon arrival to make sure they are not stranded.

On Wednesday, Wittenborg announced the purchasing and renovation of a former office building in De Ruyterstraat, in the heart of Apeldoorn city. The development was also reported in de Stentor newspaper on Wednesday.

According to Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, the building can accommodate 34 students. Wittenborg acquired the property in partnership with Van der Leij Vastgoed, a project developer specialising in re-purposing office space into living quarters.

Given the growth in the number of students over the past few years, the demand for housing has outstripped supply and the school had to consider acquiring more living quarters for its incoming students, Feng said. The university is one of the most international in the Netherlands, boasting more than 80 different nationalities among students. The diversity is also reflected in its staff component.

With the new acquisition Wittenborg now offers housing for around 70 students. “Even so, there is still a shortage,” Feng told de Stentor.  “The past few years we have steadily grown by around 15% from around 350 students to more than 600.”

In the meantime, the first students have started to move into De Ruyterstraat building just before the new academic year. More are expected to move in by October this year. Wittenborg is renowned for its flexible starting dates – offering students 6 entrée dates per year to start their studies and to graduate.

“International students arrive throughout the year,” Feng added.

WUP 16/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
©Wittenborg University Press

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Dutch Make a Splash in Spain - Out in Full Force at EAIE Education Conference

Thu, 09/14/2017 - 17:08

The Dutch made their presence felt at the 2017 EAIE conference for international education in Seville this week – of the 5,750 participants about 10% are Dutch!

And of course, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is in attendance, represented by the chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, and the international sales manager, Tim Birdsall. Wittenborg has locations in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and Vienna.

Reporting from the conference, Peter Birdsall said: “EAIE is vibrant and very busy. I have five slots for my meetings at the ‘Study in Holland’ stand and also visited the ‘Study in Austria’ stand where I spoke to the housing providers in Vienna who are facilitating our students there. ‘Study in Turkey’ had one of the biggest stands.”

EAIE stands for the European Association for International Education.  The conference started on Tuesday and will continue until Friday. It was preceded by the 2017 ICEF Workshop, also in Seville, Spain.

Among the Dutch stands was that of Nuffic – the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education.

The Dutch were represented by a mixture of research universities and universities of applied sciences, such as Wittenborg and its neighbour institute in Apeldoorn, Saxion University of Applied Sciences. There was also a good mix of private and public institutions.

Wittenborg had discussions with partner universities in Spain, India and the UK, as well as European marketing agencies, the Austrian housing organisation OEAD, Indian student representatives abroad and international student insurance company, AON.

WUP 14/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
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ICEF Higher Education Agent Workshop promoting a diverse mix of international agents

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 23:08

Wittenborg attended the ICEF Higher Education Agent Workshop and the Higher Education Forum, that brought together over 60 higher education institutions in discussions about partnerships and university collaboration.
With agents from  over 75 countries represented at the workshop, Iran and Morocco were amongst the countries showing a lot of interest in Study in Holland! South America and Eastern Europe (non-EU) were also well represented at this week's ICEF Higher Education Workshop, attended by around 100 institutes and 150 ICEF certified agents from around the world.
For two days, WUAS was represented at the workshop by Peter & Tim Birdsall, who led the discussions with agents from over 30 different countries.
On day three, WUAS also presented its own unique partnership with the University of Brighton, at the ICEF Higher Education Forum. University of Brighton lecturer and partnership programme coordinator, Pete Odgers, and WUAS chair Peter Birdsall gave an in-depth insight into the relationship and strategic partnership between the two institutions.
The presentation was entitled 'Strategic International Public-Private Partnership as a Growth Model' and resulted in a lively discussion between institutes looking for partnership models.

WUP 12/9/2017

by James Wittenborg

©Wittenborg University Press

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Netherlands a Top Performer in THE Ranking

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 09:32

The Netherlands is once again one of the top performing countries in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings with the 4th highest number of universities in the Top 100.

However, with many Asian countries closing in for the top spots there has been a call on the incoming cabinet for more investment in Dutch higher education and research.

The US has the highest number (41) of institutions in the Top 100, followed by the UK (12), Germany (10) and the Netherlands (7).

In addition, all 13 of the Netherland’s research universities feature in the Top 200.

“It is a great performance,” said Karl Dittricht, the chairman of the Association for Dutch Universities (VSNU). “As with all top achievements this was only possible with great input and dedication. However, if we want to maintain this level of performance, more investment is necessary.”

For the first time in the ranking’s history, the list is topped by two UK institutions – the University of Oxford (1) and the University of Cambridge (2). In the Netherlands, the top three institutes are the University of Amsterdam, Delft Technical University and Wageningen University and Research.

The VSNU has made a call on the new cabinet to increase funding for education and research. “A strong position in (world) rankings influences the international attraction of universities. A good position is associated with excellent research and good performance in education. That is why investment is paramount. From these new THE figures it is clear that a number of Asian countries who invest in education are making tremendous progress in the rankings.”

Dittrich said that while Dutch universities perform well despite a drop in finance, other countries are hot on their heels. The VSNU calls on the new cabinet to invest in research and education.

WUP 11/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
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Interim Dean of Wittenborg Amsterdam, Gert Meijer, Stands Down

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 11:00

Gert Meijer, the interim dean of Wittenborg Amsterdam, will leave this position after his term ended this month . "We are very grateful for the help and assistance he has lent to Wittenborg Amsterdam during this period," Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, said.

Meijer took over duties from the dean of Wittenborg Amsterdam, Timo Timmerman, in April while Timmerman was recuperating from surgery following a heart attack. In the meantime, Timmerman has decided not to return, effective from 1 October.

Meijer was the founding father and former dean of Nyenrode New Business School before he left in 2014 to start working independently. He also served as director of the Hogeschool Haarlem for 17 years.

Effective immediately, Wittenborg Amsterdam will be fully integrated with Wittenborg Apeldoorn, led by the programme manager, Carol Tarr, and operations manager, Thomas Meijer.

WUP 6/9/2017

by James Wittenborg
©Wittenborg University Press

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Updated Education & Examination Guides - Welcome to a New Academic Year

Sun, 09/03/2017 - 12:35

We are pleased to announce that the Education & Examination Guides for the bachelor's IBA, EBA and HBA programmes have been updated and published online.

 Education & Examination Guide Bachelor Programmes International Business Administration (View Online)  Education & Examination Guide Bachelor Programme Hospitality Business Administration (View Online)  Education & Examination Guide Bachelor Programmes Entrepreneurial Business Administration (View Online) WELCOME TO WITTENBORG UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students and all returning current students to our institute, and am sure that the new academic year will be even more fruitful and successful than the last academic year.

This year we are pleased to welcome students in both our main campus of Apeldoorn and at our campus in Amsterdam, and for the first time at our new location in Vienna.

With 6 starts a year for most of our programmes, some of you will be reading this at the start entries of September, October and December, however some of you will only have started in February, April or even May. This dynamic approach to education will make your experience a ‘real life experience’, with students entering and leaving a phase at different times – just as in the real world of work.

If you have just started your Master of Science degree, or a BSC / BA double degree programme with the University of Brighton, you will also be experiencing a unique blend of transnational higher education, that sees the benefits of public and private universities working together to offer top quality degrees in joint taught programmes.

If you have entered into our MBA programme, you will be challenged by a double accredited intensive and rewarding experience. From this year we also plan to offer our MBA students the opportunity to study in Amsterdam.

Our Continued Mission Statement in 2017-2018

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences sees its role as the education and training of highly qualified, internationally minded, socially responsible and intercultural, critical and independently thinking graduates, who engage in innovative and creative business in companies and organizations around the world, either working for others or in the instigation of business and entrepreneurship.

To achieve this, the university engages in close dialogue with industry, government and NGOs. Wittenborg strives to bring expertise, knowledge and diversity to the local region in which it operates, thereby enhancing the economy, culture and social environment around the university.

Wittenborg’s outlook is global and it aims to maintain its independent status whilst being one of the most international and diverse higher education institutions in the Netherlands. The university promotes total equality of students and staff, of cultures and genders and people with disabilities within the institute. Wittenborg promotes a working environment that is fair, and emphasises respect between and within its student and staff body.

The practical applied sciences that are engaged within Wittenborg’s programmes enable the University to maintain up to date content within a diverse range of management orientated disciplines and implement curriculum to the highest modern education standards.

As a University of Applied Sciences, Wittenborg sees as important an interdisciplinary approach to higher education, which is reflected in the cross-disciplinary broad management programmes that allow students to develop their knowledge, skills and development through applied research in a manner that is not subject constrictive.

Wittenborg’s goal is to continue developing itself into a broad management orientated University of Applied Sciences, with a strong international characteristic. Developing in various professional fields such as Business & Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism, Arts & Technology, Sport & Health and Education Management.

The university will maintain quality through maintaining a vigorous and transparent accreditation cycle for its programmes, ensuring dialogue with its students and staff through their active involvement of the accreditation and validation processes.

Wittenborg will strive to continue developing new methods of teaching and learning that meet the changing needs of society and technology.

Within its role as a higher education institute the university also supports life-long learning through the development and implementation of up to date and industry driven professional programmes aimed at corporate employees and individuals.

Invitation to the Wittenborg 30 Gala Evening 10 November 2017 at the City Hall

In 2012, Wittenborg celebrated its 25th Anniversary, and at the time launched its ambitions for the coming 10 years. Now, 5 years on, we are preparing to celebrate ‘Wittenborg 30’ with a series of events, that commenced in the spring of 2017 and will conclude with a Gala Evening to which you are all invited, to be held on the 10th November at the City Hall in Apeldoorn.

The celebrations will conclude with a wonderful intercultural gala evening in November, and students will be involved in the events throughout 2017.

Continuing Development

5 Schools

Wittenborg offers its programmes and carries out research in 5 different areas, managed through the schools of business, hospitality & tourism, sport & health, arts & technology, and education. Most of you will be following programmes in the School of Business and the School of Hospitality & Tourism, however some students will be following programmes in the developing schools of Health & Sport, Arts & Technology and in Education.

This year will see the launch of the Full Force Sports academy in Apeldoorn, with which Wittenborg is working closely, and which will provide sports training and facilities for all our students, as well as an exciting sports-orientated study facility for our undergraduate sports & business management students.

Double Degrees

The additional validation of our BHM and EBA programmes by the University of Brighton, allows us to offer them as double degree programmes and means that they are the first ‘triple-accredited’ bachelor degree programmes in the Netherlands!

In Amsterdam, Wittenborg will see its EBA double degree bachelor’s programme in entrepreneurial business administration, offered by the School of Business, grow further as Phase 2 and Phase 3 modules are now also offered.

Phase 3 is completely joint delivered with the University of Brighton’s Business School, bringing a strong UK flavour to the teaching & learning. Graduates will receive both a Wittenborg BA degree and a BSc in Business from the University of Brighton.

Wittenborg’s partnership with Study Group in Amsterdam will continue this academic year, allowing us to share the facilities in the spectacular central location of the Up-Building, situated at the water next to the central railway station.

The double degree in International Hospitality Management currently combines the programme IBA in Hospitality Management, accredited by NVAO and FIBAA and the University of Brighton validated BA (Hons) in International Hospitality Management.


Students choosing the EuroBA pathway of the double degree in hospitality management will be offered Vienna as study location for the 2017-2018 semesters. This is part of a further development of Wittenborg programmes at a new Vienna location launched in 2017.

The Master Programmes – Joint MSc Programmes and the MBA

This year the Master of Science programmes, in International Hospitality, International Tourism Management and International Event Management are being offered to new students and last year’s pre-Master group. These exciting 1 year MSc degree programmes are offered jointly by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Brighton, and are now joined by a new MSc degree, the Master of Science in Sport Business Management.

The MBA programmes, that follow the same block system as the IBA, with 6 entry points, have now been expanded to include new specialisations, in Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Sports Management and Education.

Master Scholarship for Wittenborg Graduates

We are pleased to be able to continue the policy that all Wittenborg’s bachelor’s graduates, past and present are automatically provided a 3000-euro scholarship towards the fee of the MSc and MBA programmes, whenever you choose to follow them.


In 2017-2018, Wittenborg will continue investing and participating in specific research projects, both at local, regional and international levels. If you want to be involved in research programmes at Wittenborg please as your Process Tutor to put your ideas and ambitions forward to the Research Centre.

The Newsletter & News

The Wittenborg University Press (WUP) team is always on the lookout for budding writers who would like to contribute interesting articles or papers to the University news pages on the website and on Wittenborg Online. Interested? Contact the editors at newsletter@wittenborg.eu

The Student Representatives

The ‘Student Reps’ is the body of students who have direct talks with us, as directors about everything concerning life at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. They are involved in the evaluation of education, teaching staff, support services and staff and are an invaluable resource for the university. Normally 2 students per phase, prep year / pre-master and MSc programmes are invited to become a member of the Student Reps. Interested? Please send an email to studentreps@wittenborg.eu

The Programme Committees

Want to make an impact on your own study programme development? From last year a new body was instigated for each study programme, the so-called Programme Committee. Members include both students and teachers and the committee reviews its programme and submits recommendations to management. Interested? – Contact your Process Tutor.

The Student Association

We are pleased to announce that in 2017-2018 we will be once again holding elections for the Student Association, (known as SWIFT), and once the committee is in place we will be allocating budget for SWIFT to organise social and cultural events throughout the year.

That leaves us only to wish you all an enjoyable and productive study time with us, here in Apeldoorn,

Good Luck with your studies!

Peter Birdsall, MA.Ed

Director of Education

Chair of the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Executive Board

31 August 2017

WUP 3/9/2017


by Wittenborg

©Wittenborg University Press

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