Wim Oonk, MBA

Wim Oonk, MBA, Lecturer
Country of Origin

The Netherlands

By appointment

Wim Oonk, MBA, graduated from the London Business School, UK, with a Master of Business Administration. Throughout his varied career, he has accomplished many developments, training, and consultancy assignments within the financial, industrial, commercial and public sectors. He is used to developing, preparing, and executing training according to the required law, regulations, and operating procedures.  
As a trainer/coach active since 1990, Wim is used to working together with universities and industry, providing training for the E2E processes, designing learning offerings with the stakeholders, and overseeing development and deployment. Wim has followed executive education locally and abroad, and he likes to deepen the relationship between people, organisations, processes, and systems. 

Expertise / Subjects
Information Management.