Visiting Lecturers

Ben Prins

Ben Prins has years of experience in middle and higher management in various branches in the Netherlands and abroad. His network covers industries such as manufacturing, packaging, food, metal, automotive, hospitality, event, tourism, robotics, and many more. Creation of business opportunities by working with branch organisations/platforms is one of his main business development specialisations.  

Dr. Alexander Bauer

Dr. Alexander Bauer has many years of working experience in international sales and marketing and combines this practical experience with an academic background (PhD in International Business Management). In 2014 he decided to become a lecturer and brought his international Sales & Marketing and Management experience into the Wittenborg classroom. Besides being a lecturer Dr. Bauer is also involved in the Wittenborg Research Centre.

Peter Odgers, M.Phil

Peter Odgers, M.Phil, has written three books in the areas of hospitality operations and management one of which has been adopted as a standard text by the HCIMA and other UK academic bodies. His Master of Philosophy in International Hospitality Management was awarded by the University of Buckingham in 1996. Peter Odgers has a broad experience of the hospitality industry. At the University of Brighton he is senior lecturer in hospitality management and a guest Lecturer on the MSc and BA degree programmes offered jointly with the University of Brighton at Wittenborg.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a Senior Lecturer of Business Strategy and Marketing within the School of Service Management at the University of Brighton and a Guest Lecturer on MSc International Events Management, MSc International Hospitality Management, and MSc InternationalTourism Management at WittenborgAdam has a wealth of knowledge of the travel and tourism industry gained from working both in destinations and at a senior strategic level in a FTSE 250 company. He started his career in the travel industry working as a tour guide rising to the position as Head of Marketing.

Steven Goss-Turner

Steven Goss-Turner joined the University of Brighton in 1991, and has since taught, researched and written in the main subject area of human resource management in the service sector, with particular emphasis on the hospitality industry. He completed a Masters degree in Human Resource Development at Portsmouth University, and has recently been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (University of Brighton) for a programme of study on the relationship between organisational culture and labour turnover within the licensed retail sector.

Dr. Angela Benson

Dr Angela M Benson is a Principal Lecturer in Tourism at the School of Service Management, University of Brighton and a Guest Lecturer on MSc International Event Management, MSc International Hospitality Management, and MSc International Tourism Management at Wittenborg. In 2010 Angela was made an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Canberra, Australia. Prior to her career as an academic, she worked for 13 years in leisure and recreation, managing a range of facilities and events. Angela has published over 20 articles and chapters in the areas of Volunteer Tourism, Volunteering at Mega Events, Best Value, Sustainability and Research Methods.

Chris Dutton

Chris Dutton is Assistant Head of School at the School of Sport & Service Management, University of Brighton and a Guest Lecturer on MSc International Hospitality Management, MSc International Events Maangement and MSc International Tourism Management at Wittenborg. Chris has successfully bid for a number of prestigious grants including Interreg 111a and three Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. Chris's research interests include retail operations, retail marketing, customer service, service quality and knowledge exchange and has presented his work at a number of conferences around the world.

Dr. Jo-Anne Lester

Dr.Jo-Anne Lester is a Principal Lecturer at the School of Sport & Service Management, University of Brighton and a Guest Lecturer on MSc International Event Management, MSc International Hospitality Management, and MSc International Tourism Management at Wittenborg. Prior to entering education, she gained considerable operational experience in tour operating and on cruise ships.

Dr. Ioannis Pantelidis

Dr. Ioannis Pantelidis is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Sport & Service Management, University of Brighton and a Guest Lecturer on MSc International Events Management at Wittenborg. In 2000 he embarked on an academic career, having previously worked in a number of hospitality businesses from small restaurants to 5 star chain hotels in Greece, Germany and the UK. He prefers research that can see practical applications in industry. His PhD topic focuses on the personality of the hospitality consumer and technology acceptance. He is the co-author of the best selling text, Food and Beverage Management and has published and presented papers in numerous international conferences and established academic journals such as the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. 

Shonali Rodrigues

Shonali Rodrigues is Lecturer in Tourism and Social Anthropology at the University of Brighton and Guest Lecturer on MSc International Events Management at Wittenborg University. Shonali Rodrigues has over twenty years’ experience in the management and coordination of national and international large-scale events.

Dr Brian Holdstock

Dr Brian Holdstock areas of expertise are in operational management based on 20 years employment as managing director of a medium sized subcontractor in the engineering sector. The company was a specialist supplier of surface treatments, principally electroplating and anodising....

Jayne Luscombe, BSc, MA

Jayne Luscombe, BSc., MA,  holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Sussex and an MA in International Event Management from the University of Brighton....

Dr Udo Merkel

Dr. Udo Merkel is a Senior Lecturer in Events Management. He holds various degrees from British and German universities in the Social Sciences and Sport Sciences. Over the last twenty years, he has worked at a number of universities in mainland Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia....

Conor Sheehan

Conor Sheehan, following his graduation from Trinity College in Dublin, moved to London where he pursued his initial career in 'rooms division management' at Claridge's Hotel and subsequently two other luxury west-end outlets. Later, he made the move into hospitality education at Westminster College where he taught human resource management and applied hospitality business subjects before assuming the role of Head of Higher Education...

Michael Williams

Michael Williams joined the School of Sport and Service Management in March 2008 as a member of the Events Management team. Prior to joining the University he was responsible for managing the festival programme at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew...

Dr. Steven Goss-Turner

Dr. Steven Goss-Turner - Following a career within the HRM departments of a then major international hotel company, Steven joined the University of Brighton. He has a PhD (Brighton), MSc in Human Resource Development (Portsmouth) and a BA in Hotel and Catering Management (Strathclyde). He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development. He is widely published and is currently reviewing the text “Human Resource management in the Hospitality Industry” for the publication of its 10th edition in 2019. He is Honorary Research Fellow, University of Brighton and is still engaged in the supervision of PhD candidates and writing joint articles with his recent PhD graduates.