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Placements & Internships to search for new talent

At Wittenborg we highly value work experience. The opportunity for students to put theory into practice is crucial to their development. And it will give them a better sense of what ‘life after uni’ will be like. For you as business partner our international students will add value by their fresh view on your business and can help you in addressing as specific assignment. We currently have around 600 students from over more than 80 countries enrolled every year on our programmes.

Next to Work Placement we also provide other business experience to our students; guest lectures, project weeks, company visits.

If you wish to engage a Wittenborg student and become a Wittenborg Partner, please contact us directly at (for the Netherlands) or (For Austria). We will contact you and take your through the process.

Project weeks to solve your strategic problems

The Wittenborg Project Week:

Every 6 weeks, a large number of our bachelors and masters students carry our a so-called 'project week'. This is an important part of their studies as they are tasked with using the concepts and modules from the previous weeks of learning in the project, as well as looking forward at what is coming in their programme. Each project week is different, and each programme has 6 project weeks per year.

Our projects come from our network of companies and organisations in Holland and Austria. They are based on real business cases, and we are always looking for projects for our students to work on. We are looking for companies to join this network.

This is the process:

Step 1 – Wittenborg faculty members meet with the company to understand the nature of the topic

  • Project design document -  what questions and topics do the students work on during days 1,2 & 3?
  • Deliverables - what problems is the customer looking to address – what outcomes are desired?
  • Support - is it possible for the customer to interact with the students during the project week to answer questions?
  • Presentation. - Agreement to dates when the customer can review the result presentations

Step 2 – Wittenborg creates a project design and sends 'pre-read' information to the project teams

Step 3 – Project week

  • Teams formed.
  • Work packages developed and assessed.
  • Work begins
  • Support times established and upheld
  • Results presented to the customer
  • Assessment and feedback.

Step 4 – Wittenborg faculty members debrief with customer


As a part of the project week we use 2 specific methods which aim to give our students a long term development of team building / team role skills and project management skills. The structure and duration of this method work is unique. Our customers are generally very impressed with the ideas and learn along with the students.

Project types:

The first type of project is the large project which is free to the end client. This is used by all the students of the project week (sometimes up to 160 students working in 24 teams).

The second type of project is a paid project which is executed by a group of 15 – 30 students in 3-6 teams. This is a paid service which allows us to fast track projects so that our customers can get their results quicker. This service costs the company €3500. Sometimes we are asked for price justification. We need to employ an extra faculty member to manage all the activities in step 3, and from a business context, the project week is in essence the same as the first step of a full blown consulting initiative which would cost a lot more on the open market.

Case studies: projects from last year

Customer type: Training company Customer type: NGO Customer type: Hotel & Amusement Park
Project description: Wanted to measure the impact of a you-tube and soc-med training campaign Project description: feasibility study for agricultural and tourism activities in Sierra Leone Project description: Critically analysing the customer's experience and providing recommendations for improvement

We would be happy to enrol you in our company network, and engage with you to find a project which brings you value. Please click here and we will contact you:

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A tailor-made MBA for loyalty and people development

The MBA programme for business professionals is a rolling programme which accepts participants on a module by module basis – which means you come into a team that is already busy learning.

Modules are supported by vitual meeting and face to face seminars.

See here for the full MBA portfolio, and click here for contact to the Euro-MBA support desk.