Tailor-made programmes

Business partner organisation development

A growth area in the corporate environment – the internal “business partner” needs specific skills that are now becoming formalised and accepted. With the position comes a new process and reporting line.

BPOD – Business Partner Organization Development
BPOD – Business Partner Organization Development • www.bpod.info

Sales process consulting and facilitated planning

The methodologies under “pipeliner-sales” are designed for project and complex sales. From 2-day basic skills courses to 4-week boot camps, the pipeliner methods cover the full spectrum of sales training & consulting.

Pipeliner Sales Training & Facilitated Planning Services
Pipeliner Sales Training & Facilitated Planning Services • www.pipeliner-sales.com

Sales for non-sales in IT, HR & Operations

“Non-sales” is a term which is being used increasingly to demonstrate to the different departments within an organisation their importance to the sales effort.

The term “sales” is perceived in many different ways, not all positive, yet the understanding and acceptance that almost every internal department plays a role in the sales process is something that can improve the overall performance of the organisation dramatically and, perhaps more importantly, increase the value of what the organisation is able to provide their customers.

The intention of the seminar is to raise a clear awareness of how significant individual contributors are to the sales process, and to see what their job role means specifically from a sales perspective. However, it must be said that we want to achieve this without suggesting that the “non-sales” professionals need to be “sales people”!

As soon as a non-sales professional sees what their activities mean from a sales perspective, then they can act and react in a more professional way to their surroundings and customer requests.

In order to make the above possible, we need to relate the topic to tangible, practical and immediately applicable skills. Within this seminar we will study and practise the skills of active listening, good question asking, and the psychology of influence.

Participants will leave with a toolkit of communication strategies that they can test to immediate effect outside the workshop.

Soft skills for FMCG Key Account Managers

Using the method pack from the Contrast Training Negotiation skills programmes, we work with FMCG companies to add soft-skill value to their KAM training curricula. A typical programme has a 50/50 split of internal topics, such as Category Management, Trade Marketing, Compliance & International Trade Regulations, along with Objection Handling, Nego Processes, Tactics & Preparation tools. And, of course, the all-important role plays!
The KAM job is highly company specific, so our activities in these seminars are very dependent on the clients' objectives. Usually, the client will have a whole range of process information, specific products, Ts & Cs argumentation, while we take care to create a good KAM training experience and make sure they receive enough soft-skill input.

Speaker training for physicians at conferences

Speakermedica was one of the first Wittenborg corporate niche sites. Over 3,500 physicians have been trained in presentation skills and training techniques according to the Speakermedica approach.

Speakermedica • www.speakermedica.com

Boot camp design & blended learning approaches

Many companies develop an “academy” approach for their new employees. The programme is normally linked to a retention process, whereby people stay in the organisation for 2 years after the programme ends. The programme's contents cover the full range of internal process and product training, and the whole programme is organised from a soft-skill perspective.


The Development Centre approach is now well established in the corporate environment as being a qualitative engagement for everyone who gets involved. The purpose of the LDC platform is to explain and train the skills for the SMB environment. At Wittenborg, we use development-centre approaches whenever feasible, and we believe it is the future of many education types.

Leadership DC
Leadership-DC • www.leadership-dc.com